Stephen King on God’s Calling

For the next several days, when I’m not posting a book review or some other industry tid-bit, I’m going to be sharing some wisdom from Stephen King. I know, I know, I get it all the time: “You read that guy?” Yes, not profusely (like I read Dean Koontz) but I do read King to learn from him. The guy can write. And he can write about writing. His book On Writing is pig-stuffed full of advice, wisdom, and hard-learned common writing-sense. Worth any novelist’s time and money.

At one point in the book, King is talking about prolific writers and mentions the British mystery novelist, John Creasey, who turned out some 500 novels. In contrast, he mentions Harper Lee, who wrote one novel, the beloved To Kill a Mockingbird. He also mentions James Agee and Malcolm Lowry, who wrote under five apiece. With respect to such limited output, King writes, ” . . . I always wonder two things about these folks: how long did it take them to write the books they did write, and what did they do with the rest of their time? . . . I’m probably being snotty here, but I am also, believe me, honestly curious. If God gives you something you can do, why in God’s name wouldn’t you do it?”

Hmm. Good question. If you believe God gave you the passion and ability to write, why wouldn’t you do it? No matter how tedious the process may seem or how discouraging those rejection slips grow, keep at it. God gave you something to do . . . now go do it.


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  1. Michelle Pendergrass

    On Writing is at the top of my list. I just found a little gem–I was listening to the Bag of Bones audiobook and there’s a GREAT interview at the end. Took my by surprise.I’ve read nearly everything SK has put out (minus the Dark Tower series) and find articles, interviews, etc…where every I can and this one at the end of Bag of Bones was one of the best.I have an article he wrote concerning short stories that I need to blog about soon.


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