Surgery Date Set

Okay, so I saw the oncologist and surgeon yesterday evening and they both agree that after reviewing all my materials (CAT scan, ultrasound, bloodwork, etc.) and discussing my case with the tumor review board it would be prudent and safe to go ahead with the surgery first, then only do radiation if absolutely necessary afterward. They seem cautious about doing the radiation because of the problem of scar tissue. Anytime you expose an area to radiation, the healthy tissue is damaged too. And this causes scarring. For an older person that may not be that big of a deal but for a younger person expecting to live another forty or more years, it could pose problems down the road–nuisance problems, but problems nonetheless.

Sooo, Wednesday (the 16th) morning at 7:45 a.m. I will be rolled into the operating room where my surgeon and his partner will open me up and perform a resection of my colon, removing the little devil that now resides there. Bye-bye.

Apprehensive is the word for the day. My mind is going in circles thinking of the things I need to do before surgery since I’ll be in the hospital 5-7 days following and out of commission for probably another week or so after that–state/local taxes, pay bills in advance, work stuff, home stuff, church stuff . . . just stuff, details that need attention. We’ll also be spending some quality family time together before the big day.

I know the risks of any surgery, both serious and not-so-serious, and this one brings with it some unique risks. There’s a lot of important nerves in that area and the surgeon said that while he is very careful to identify them and avoid them, sometimes they do get damaged.

Well, it’s in God’s hands. He’ll be guiding the surgeon’s hands and that brings me much comfort.


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  1. the Dairy Queen

    Hey Mike, So glad to hear you can finally get that sucker out!! I will definetly be praying wed. am, and also for God to give you peace until wed. to enjoy your girls and get a little rest before the battle! CC aka the dairy queen


  2. Surgery first is great news, especially since it wasn’t the initial plan of attack. God worked it out for your benefit by getting you the right doctors and he’ll work the rest out! One good thing out of being in the hospital so long is you’ll get caught up on a lot of reading!!!


  3. Carlos ("Carl")

    Just found your blog, Mike, through the Cancer Ring. Prayers and good wishes for your surgery. I’ve always found that, with the surgeries I’ve had, the anticipation was the worst part.Carl Wilton”A Pastor’s Cancer Diary”


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