Being Back

I’m home.

As Jen wrote in her post (by the way, what a well-written, touching post, huh? . . . that’s my baby) the surgery went well and, after a foot and a half of my colon was removed, I did wind up with a temporary ileostomy. The good news is that the surgeon said he was able to get a good clean margin all around the tumor. The bad news is that cancer cells were present in one lymph node which automatically takes it to stage III and I’ll be doing chemo for six months (but no radiation, yea!)

Because of the hangover effects of the anesthesia and the extent of the surgery itself, my attention span is next to nothing, my personality is flat (except when under the influence of Percoset, then I’m my old self again), I have the emotional stability of a three-year-old, my energy levels hit bottom in no time at all, and I’m just plain uncomfortable most of the time. I have no appetite and when I do eat I feel bloated and heartburny–this makes eating more of a chore than a pleasure but should resolve itself when the swelling from the ileostomy settles down. I also have to give myself a shot of Lovenox (blood thinner) in the stomach every day for the next month.

I think I went into this whole surgery thing with my expectations a little high.

On the up side, Jen is taking great care of me; she’s proven she has the patience of a Fransiscan monk. Under her care I should continue to gain strength and confidence and get back to my old self.

And on another up side, the tumor has been sent on a very long vacation in some test tube in some lab. Bye, bye.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be blogging about my experiences in the hospital, the people I met, the things I went through, and the . . . ahem, food (used the loosest context possible) I was fed.

I know some of you are used to my early morning postings . . . that won’t be happening for a while. I’ll post when I can on days I feel up to it. Thank you all for your continued prayers. A major bridge has been crossed but my journey is far from over.


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  1. Michelle Pendergrass

    Glad you’re home! Still praying here.


  2. Aw, Mike and Jen…your words about being stapled back together, weakness, the mood swings that go with exhaustion, and the fears bring back vivid memories for me. My hubby Dave broke his neck in a freak accident a few years ago. Yes, these are hard days. But the relief post-surgery is a wonderful thing too, isn’t it.We were fortunate – Dave walked away from his accident. It sounds like there will be more struggle ahead for you with the upcoming chemo. Keep hanging on to each other and to God.


  3. Good to see your blog active again and I really appreciate your honesty! You’re in our prayers, a lot!


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