Mercy Me

The nausea has set in. Nagging nausea. I had a little Tuesday night, took a pill, and by Wednesday morning it was gone. Last night it returned and isn’t going away now. I have no appetite either. It’s hard because the nurse said that while I’m on chemo my metabolic needs will double because of all the healthy cells that fall victim to the medication so I have to eat even more than I used to. Hard to do when you don’t feel like eating and you’re nauseous.

Another little side effect I’m experiencing is a sensitivity to cold. If I drink something cold my mouth goes numb and it feels like I’m swallowing needles. It only lasts a few seconds then goes away. Wild stuff. But it means I have to keep my drinks at room temperature, lukewarm. I mean, c’mon, even God doesn’t like lukewarm liquid. Hot or cold, remember?

Okay, enough of that, though. I don’t want to complain. Just updating because so many have asked how it’s going with chemo. All in all, while it’s a nuisance carrying this pump around (it comes off this afternoon!), and the nausea is a bit distracting, things could be much worse.

But back to the beatitudes. Matthew 5:7: Blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy.

You know the saying, what goes around comes around. Show mercy, receive mercy. I was trying to think how this might apply to me in my particular situation when it hit me: it isn’t about me. This is about the small army of people who have shown us mercy during this trial. We’ve had meals brought (delicious stuff, too), our grass cut, our car washed (and filled with gas), new showerhead installed, clothesline fixed, clothes ironed, light fixture repaired, people picking up our kids from school during doctor’s visits, a boatload of cards delivered, financial help, encouraging words, and who knows how many prayers touching the ears of God (and if I’ve missed any act of kindness, please forgive me, we’ve just been overwhelmed with merciful acts lately). That’s mercy and we’ve been on the receiving end.

For all those who have given of themselves and showered us with mercy, may God bless you with mercy and may the mercy you’ve shown us bring you joy as it has us–thank you!

We’re going away for a few days before I return to work next Tuesday (that whole “coming apart” thing again) so I may not be posting until then. I’ll try to tomorrow morning–we’ll see how it goes.


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Hang in there, Mike. I’m still praying for you.


  2. So sorry for the nausea & chemo ordeal, but so uplifted to hear how much mercy has been poured out on you and your precious family. God is good. Just stopping by to remind you of our prayers for you. Take good care….Blessings,Vicki


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