Independence Day

232 years ago this nation declared its independence from Britain. That was huge and changed the course of the history of the world forever. We, as Americans, were free, no longer under the thumb of British rule.

Now, something that’s even more huge and changed the course of my history forever. 26 years ago I declared my independence from sin. Not on this particular day (it was in February) but go with me here. Before finding a new and changed life in Christ Romans 6 tells me I was a slave to sin, obeying its every whim and fancy, living under the thumb of its rule in my life. I had to sin, it was my master and was calling the shots. I was not my own.

One decision changed all that. Like Peter sinking in the water, I called out, “Lord, save me!”

And that changed everything. The bonds of sin were loosed and I was set free. My independence from sin was declared forever. And now I have a new master–God. He bought me with the precious cost of his son on a cross. A debt I could never repay and so I will gladly remain His servant forever. Now, don’t go thinking I went from being one slave to another, where’s the good news in that? It’s not like that. God is a loving and merciful master, a tender shepherd caring for His sheep. Sin was an oppressive, evil master, cruel, heartless, gutless.

This all makes me think of my cancer. It’s not my master. I’m not a slave to it. It doesn’t own me or define me or shape who I am. Sure, the experience has changed me and hopefully for the better, but it has no rule over me. My master is God and He alone is calling the shots in my life. This cancer is something I must endure for a season but Romans 6:22 is a reminder of where the power is: But now you are free from sin and have become slaves to God. This brings you a life that is only for God, and this gives you life forever.

I like that, a life only for God and that gives me life forever. Sin is a destroyer, and cancer is the result of living in a world where sin rules. But it no longer rules in my life. God, the giver of life, does. And that’s a promise I can hang onto.


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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