Bummer (Blessing)

Man, I’m bummed. Yesterday, I saw the oncology nurse practitioner pumped about the fact (at least I thought it was a fact) that I’d be going on the oral version of chemo. No more 4-hour visits to the cancer center for chemo; no more lugging that pump around for three days!

Well, surprises never cease . . . and disappointments. The nurse told me the oncologist changed his mind and now wants me to do one more session of the IV chemo. Excuse me? Say that again? Hey, being honest, I’m not real happy about it. I know it’s for my best but I was so ready to move on to this new phase of chemo.

Now, a little perspective please. One, today is the half-way point. Six down, six to go. As I look back, the last twelve weeks went by fairly quickly (doesn’t time always do that?).

Two, this morning I woke up, visited the “water closet” (for those readers across the pond), and went downstairs to write this post. On my desk was a note from Jen reminding me of what Daniel 4:2 says, I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High God worked for me.

Along with the verse was a challenge: Don’t forget to declare His wonders to those at Cancer Care. God is giving you chance #6 to impact others around you.

Umph! That hit me hard. Behind every challenge is an opportunity, right? This sixth round of chemo, which I now reluctantly accept, is one more opportunity to declare the signs and wonders the Most High God has worked for me. That’s deep. That’s serious business. I need to adjust my perspective, put on my heavenly point-of-view glasses, stop the pity party, and start looking for opportunities.

You know what? I thank God for a wife like Jen who is sensitive to His promptings and willing to pass along nuggets of encouragement and conviction like this.

Hey, that’s declaring God’s wonderful working.


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mike -My beloved and I spent many days in cancer centers. It was often long and arduous. Yet, the Lord gave us many opportunities to chat with other patients, their families, and the staff (including volunteers). It never failed to cheer us when we could see them perk up, smile, and speak about the future with hope. Someone once said God had allowed the cancer so we would have all these opportunities. The truth is no matter what my situation in life, I’m a believer. If I make myself available, God will use me wherever I am. Blessings,Susan 🙂


  2. Mike, Thanks for sharing the verse and your thoughts. A bummer-blessing. I think you’ve presented not only a new term (which I will use liberally), but a new concept for me.I had to look up Daniel 4:2 to see the context of the verse. Was it pre- or post-fiery furnace or pre-or post-lion’s den? Interestingly, the chapter comes right after King Nebuchadnezzar failed at a live-cremation of the 3-fiery-furnace-dudes (sorry, not gonna spell out their names). More interesting to me, the person speaking the words seems to be King Neb himself–the self-serving person who created the golden image. Had he learned something? It would seem he was awestuck because of the 3-fiery-furnace-dudes’ obedience to God. Hmm…a bummer-blessing?


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