God is for Me

I have a doctor appointment this afternoon and chemo next Tuesday. I hate going to the office. Oh, the doctors and nurses and other staff are all nice enough. Very nice, in fact. It’s everything else: the smell, the decor, the lighting, the TV in the waiting room that’s always tuned to The Food Network, the outdated magazines . . . everything.

You know how you feel about certain foods after you get sick from eating them? Just the mention of them turns your stomach for months, sometimes years. That’s the way it is with the cancer center. I drive right by it every day on my way to work and even avoid looking at it.

Pathetic, I know. No, really, I can admit it. It is.

Thing is, I know how I feel following every chemo treatment and it’s that whole association thing. Cancer center = feeling sick and tired.

What got me thinking about all this is a verse in Romans (8:31) that says If God be for us, who can be against us?

Now, you may be asking how that verse leads me to think about how much I dislike going to the cancer center (even the name irks me). And that would be a great question and one for which I have no logical answer. It’s just how my crazy mind works these days.

But regardless of the route I took to come to this thinking, the verse stands as one that needs to be remembered and meditated on. Really, think about it (speaking to self now), I have the God of all creation, the God of the universe, the all-powerful, all-knowing God of everything on my side. And not just on my side, but by my side, holding my hand, wrapping me in His arms of love and comfort.

Now, if God is on and by my side, who or what can be against me? Yes, cancer and the treatment for it may rob me of my joy temporarily, may steal my health for a time, and my instill fear and trembling in me for a moment, but it can’t permanently do anything to me. The time is coming when treatments will be a thing of the past. Sooner or later, here or There, I’ll be cancer-free. The battle isn’t over but the score is already settled because God never loses. You–I–can take that to the bank.

God is for me. That’s something, isn’t it? Yes, it is.


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  1. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mike -The whole association thing is so familiar. Last week, I visited a friend in the hospital. Walking down the hall, I had flashbacks of the last 2 years.Then I remembered how the Lord walked with us through those hard times. The verse that sticks with me is (paraphrased) the one that says, “What shall separate from the love God? Neither death, nor life, principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come.” (A really bad paraphrase, but you get the idea.)No matter what my circumstances in life, He loves me and helps me.Blessings,Susan 🙂


  2. I needed to hear this today! Thank you Mike!! Praying,Kim


  3. MikeTwenty three years ago I copied this from a poster while my husband was getting chemo and still recite it almost eveyday. TODAYANOTHER CHANCE TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING WORTHWHILEANOTER CHANCE TO LAUGH AND SMILEANOTHER CHANCE TO PROVE WHAT GOD AND I CAN DOANOTHER DAY TO START ANEWTODAY


  4. I’ve had similar experiences with the flashback thing. For quite some time, just walking by one of those chemo rooms in my doctor’s office and seeing the olive-green vinyl of the recliner chairs was enough to make me feel a twinge of nausea. I still have a shirt hanging in my closet that I wore to several chemo treatments, that create the same sort of reaction.It’s all part of the survivor thing. My experience also is, it gets better with time – less of that sort of flashback.Carl”A Pastor’s Cancer Diary”http://www.cewilton.blogspot.com


  5. Tuesday is marked on the calender. You are not alone.Jenni


  6. God bless you and your family. I will be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Cindi


  7. Real Live Preacher

    Prayerfully watching with you and waiting from afar. God bless.


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