It’s All Relative

I was thinking last night that it’s amazing how relative all this chemo stuff and side effects and “how I’m feeling” is. It’s been more than a week since my last chemo session and I’m still a little nauseous, still having sensitivity to cold (I walked the dog last night (60 degrees outside) and both hands and my thighs were tingling pretty severely by the time I got back), and still have neuropathies in my hands and feet, but compared to how I felt last week, I’m feeling good. Very good. With lots of energy and motivation and an upbeat spirit.

Speaking of all things relative, here’s a quote I like. Someone once asked Albert Einstein to explain relativity. Einstein said, “Sit your hand on a hot stove for one minute and it seems like an hour; sit next to a pretty girl for one hour and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.” Shows the man was not only uniquely intelligent but witty as well.

So when someone asks me that never-ceasing question: How are you feeling? My answer is always relative and should start with “Compared to what?”

Anyway, what of the saying “going the whole nine yards”? Well, here’s the rub, no one really knows exactly where it originated. There’s lots of theories and speculation but the one I think that holds the most water is that it started during the WWII era. Army Air Corps planes carried .50 caliber machine guns that sported ammunition belts that were 27 feet long, or nine yards. If they emptied the whole belt into an enemy aircraft it was considered “going the whole nine yards.” Interesting and, I think, plausible. And here I always thought it had something to do with football.


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  1. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mike -As one who experiences migraines, I can relate to your post. Pain that would send most people to bed is a pesky annoyance to me. Ha! I would never have guessed the whole nine yards probably came from a military situation. Blessings,Susan 🙂


  2. Right now I’m dealing with some kind of fibroma in my elbow that keeps waking me up at night. Ouch!I saw your question on Rochelle’s blog and I’ve thought the same thing.Sometimes I wonder if some people have dreams and that’s what fires their persistance.Others don’t have dreams. They’re content with work then TV because they don’t have a vision/hope for something more.That’s only a thought. I’m sure there are other reasons, like fear of failure and a bitter disillusionment with life itself. But it was an interesting question that I’ve often wondered about.


  3. Mike, I’m glad you are feeling better! I enjoyed your newsletter, and I can’t wait to read your new book when it is released in a few months!I hope you have a terrific weekend!Kim


  4. Mike, I added a response to your questions on Rachelle’s Blog.


  5. I like to say,”Wonderful, all things considered” or “Relatively well, all things considered…”


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