The Oncologist and the Deer

Last week I saw the oncologist and forgot to give a report. In short, he’s happy with how things are progressing. I had some questions and he had answers. One was about this numbness in my hands and feet. It was a side effect of the chemo we stopped over a month ago and it’s still worsening. He said that’s what they’ve been seeing with patients. It will get worse before it starts getting better . . . if it gets better. It could be permanent. I keep telling myself, hey, if this is the worse thing I’m left with, that’s not so bad. It’s annoying but not debilitating.

Saturday we spent the day in Washington D.C. visiting some of the Smithsonians and then going over to Chinatown for dinner. On the way home, Jen was driving, and along a stretch of dark highway a deer shot out onto the road from the right shoulder and collided with our van. Head-on, too. The van is pretty smashed up in front: buckled hood, shattered grill, headlights askew, radiator bent. But the deer got the short of end of the stick (Jen likes to say she totalled a deer with our car). Fortunately, everyone was okay (praises going up to God). Things could have turned out a lot worse. Pennsylvania is second in the country for auto fatalities resulting from hitting deer (Texas is number one).

So now we wait and see what the insurance company wants to do with the van.

I’ll tell you, life just keeps coming at you, doesn’t it? And sometimes all you can do is hang on for the ride.


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  1. Sorry to hear about that.I have a friend who hit not one but two about two years apart. It totaled both cars. We’re in NC so I wonder where we are in that list.


  2. Oh Mike! One of my scariest memories is going head-on with a deer in our SUV. The Lord surely was looking out for us, because all 4 of us were in the truck and we spun a complete rotation into the oncoming lane. Thankfully there were no other cars coming! I actually went into mild shock from the fear!We’ve bungled two vehicles with deer. Alabama must be on the deer list along with PA and TX!Glad you got a good report from your doctor. Sorry about your accident, but so very thankful no one was hurt!Kim


  3. Mike, sorry to hear about the deer incident. I’m glad you and your family are safe.One of my sisters living in rural upstate NY hit a deer a couple of weeks ago. Although her car was damaged, she wasn’t hurt. The injured deer stumbled away. After it happened, she spotted a hunter, explained the situation and pointed him in the deer’s direction. The hunter was fortunate. It wasn’t until later that my sister decided the hunter had probably been the real cause of her accident. There could have been a news story reading, “Fleeing Hunter Wounded…”


  4. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mike -Whoa, I had no idea PA ranked so high in deer-accident fatalities. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since we have a lot of rural areas.I’m glad you and your family are okay.Great news from the oncologist. Question: Any word about the surgery? I thought you mentioned something about December.God is good. Things could have been so much worse.Blessings,Susan 🙂


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