Post-Surgery Post

Yes, I’m home again. Yes! Here’s a few random (anesthesia mind again) thoughts/updates.

I hate hospitals. Okay, now that I got that out of the way . . .

I hate hospitals. Okay . . . they’re boring, they stink, they make me stink, they’re noisy, the food’s terrible, even the water is terrible, the gowns are uncomfortable, there’s no privacy, there’s always a different nurse, you just want to go home.

Surgery went well, at least that’s what they tell me. The surgeon said the ostomy was easy to reverse . . .
(insert: They staple it back together. So I asked if the staples will eventually dissolve and surgeon says, “No, they’re made of titanium. They’re with you as long as you live.” Weird.)
. . . but that the hernia was a lot bigger than he’d originally thought. He said they had to pull pretty hard to get things back together again. No wonder I’m so sore. He also said he was fairly certain the hernia would come back sooner or later. Great. Let’s do this again sometime.

I have no more bag. Read it again because I just said it again . . . slowly. I say it a hundred times a day. I. Have. No. More. Bag. I keep looking at my incision where the stoma used to be in the mirror and think it looks beautiful (Jen said it gives her chills; difference strokes for different folks). It’s beautiful because I can’t see my intestines anymore. That’s always a plus. Now, life is glorious without the bag but not all peaches and cream. My bowels have to adjust and right now they’re having a hard time of it (think awful gas pains and spending oodles of time in the WC). But anything–anything–is better than that bag.

I’ll be off work now for the next three weeks or so. The surgeon said (say that in a whiny little voice, it can get very annoying) to “lay around for two weeks” then slowly get back into things. No lifting over 25 lbs. for six weeks. And I have this nifty lumbar wrap to wear if I’m gonna be on my feet a lot.

I have much to be thankful for. Really. I know that like I know my own face. God has been good. He’s been faithful. He’s been loving. He’s been everything He’s promised to be. Did I ever expect anything less?

Hey, in book news, I have the first chapter of Scream on my website if you’re interested in whetting your appetite. Go here and click on the link to read the first chapter.

Also, I’m guest blogging part one of a two-part blog over at Brandilyn Collins’ Forensics and Faith blog today. Check it out.


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  1. Woo-Hoo!!! I’m late to the party! This is wonderful news!! I can’t WAIT to read Scream!!Glad everything went well and you are HOME!!


  2. So glad the surgery went well and you are home. Hooray for moving onto the road of recovery. I’ll keep praying for complete healing.


  3. I’m so glad to hear of your recovery. I loved The Hunted and wish you much success for Scream.


  4. I just read the first chapter of Scream. Wow. I’m hooked. I want a copy right now! Terrific.


  5. welcome home, mike. i’m glad the surgery went well and i hope for a quick, and lasting, recovery.


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