The Finishing Touch

A couple months ago a co-worker suggested that when all this cancer treatment is over and I finally get rid of “the bag” and feel myself again that I should celebrate by running in an organized race, like a 5K or something.

Now when I was young (think high school) I was very into athletics. Played soccer, basketball, and track & field and lettered in all three with a handful of school records to boot . . . but I hated running. In track I competed in the jumping events so I wouldn’t have to run. So telling me to participate in an organized race is like telling a cat to swim the English Channel.

Well, the other day I did it. I registered for a 5K run for colon cancer in Philadelphia to take place March 22.

And you know what? I’m actually excited about it. Really excited. This race is very significant for me. For the last 10 months I’ve either not felt like doing anything physical or couldn’t because of the ostomy and the resultant monster-hernia. I feel like in some ways, physically at least, cancer robbed me of 10 months of my life. So this run is kind of like the exclamation point on the end of my journey, the finishing touch. My way sticking my finger in cancer’s chest and saying, “You know what, cancer? You may have knocked me down for almost a year, but you didn’t knock me out.”

The run is sponsored by the Colon Cancer Coalition and is called Get Your Rear in Gear (clever, huh?). Races are held all over the country to raise funds for colon cancer awareness and screening, hoping early detection and prevention will decrease deaths from this disease.

Now, please don’t think I’m soliciting anyone here–I have no intention to do that–but if you would like to support me in this run you can go to my personalized fundraising page and make a donation. On March 12 & 13 I’m throwing a big book release party for Scream (more information to come later for those local to the York/Hanover area) and a portion of all the proceeds from the book sales will be going toward the run and the coalition.

I don’t know how I’ll do in the race and it really doesn’t matter, it’s the symbolism and significance that means the most to me. I am taking it seriously though (I’m very competitive) and have started training . . . and boy am I out of shape!


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  1. Four years ago, I decided if I was ever going to do something about becoming a cyclist, I better do it or forget it — age was becoming an increasingly significant factor. So I bought a bike, survived my first ride (three blocks — total exhaustion), and last September participated in the Missouri MS 150. More importantly, I met the reason for the ride — people with MS, including a good friend. (If you want details, see make that run, Mike.


  2. GREAT idea. I like the whole stick-a-finger-in-cancer’s-chest thing….You’ll do great at the 5k. Press on, brother.


  3. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mike -I think this race will give you closure and help you to move forward. Our books need beginnings, middles, and ends. This is your happy ending.Blessings,Susan 🙂


  4. You never cease to amaze Mike! Wonderful decision! I’m going to pray that the Lord gives your strength and stamina as never before! Run on!!


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