Prayer Request Friday

I was very blessed by all your prayer requests last Friday. Thank you all for your transparency and allowing us to catch a glimpse of your life. And please know that you were prayed for throughout the week.

This Friday I’d like to ask you to offer one request and one praise. Please, don’t be shy. By sharing you’re letting others into your life and giving them an opportunity to pray for you (and rejoice with you!), which blesses them and you. And hey, if your request is the same as last week . . . that’s okay. We all know that persistence and prayer go hand in hand.

I’ll go first.

Request: As a lot of people are, we’re having some financial concerns and need wisdom to know how to handle them and what course of action to take.

Praise: Scream releases in 18 days!


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  1. What a great idea, Mike. I will add your needs to my prayer list.I have been at the hospital this week with my mom in which time she has recovered from a serious infection that developed in wounds on her legs. She is out of the woods for now, but still must regain her strength and heal. My prayer is to take away her suffering and let her find joy in the life she has left. My praise is a mighty big thank you for saving her legs from amputation and for allowing her to come through the risky vascular surgery to improve blood flow to her legs.


  2. Request — this has been a hard week at work — wall-to-wall meetings, stress with lots of people issues, feeling physically exhausted, just wanting some time to crawl under the covers with the pillow over my head.Praise — yesterday, several of my people presented the work they were doing to a group of senior managers — and they blew the doors off the room. It was incredible to see their collective work — some of the most cutting-edge stuff in corporate America — and it was gratifying to see the reactions from my peers and others from around the world.


  3. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Request: I’m still looking for a full-time, permanent job with benefits.Praise: After assorted coughs and colds, we’re healthy!Thanks, Mike. This is a great new feature.Blessings,Susan 🙂


  4. Mike, you’ll be in my prayers. My request: That my family flying in from Minnesota (I live in Arizona) arrives safely and we have a great visit. My praise: I have a new job (started in December) and it’s taken off faster than anyone could have imagined. Thank you, Lord.


  5. Please pray for my niece and her sisters. They are in foster care, and we have been fighting with everything we have within us to get them into our home. But more so, pray that their lives will improve soon.


  6. Thank you for this opportunity to share, Mike. I apologize in advance if my comments are a bit wordy.Praise: My prayer request last Friday was regarding physical testing my ten-year-old daughter would undergo. When our pediatrician had spoken with us the prior Monday she said the weekend test could help eliminate the possibility of a rare tumor type. That very day I sent an email to immediate family asking for their prayers for Deanna. When I saw your offer of prayer last Friday, I posted the request for our daughter. I want to praise God that since the day the call came from the doctor, Deanna has not had another medical “episode.” Prior to that, she had been having attacks nearly every night. There are still doctor’s appointments and the likelihood of more tests ahead, but I believe God is responding to the prayers of His people on behalf of my daughter. I want to thank you and your readers for your part in this.Request: In many areas of our lives, my wife and I find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control…the toughest trials we have ever faced. Yet, as you found during your recent cancer ordeal, God can bring us to a place of spiritual brokenness and dependency, the depth of which we’ve never experienced—a place that I’m tempted to label a “sweet spot.” Small positive changes are occurring in our circumstances, but much bigger changes are happening in our relationship with God (more frequent, intense prayer times; deeper encouragement from the Word; stronger concern for the needs of others, etc). Please pray that God builds a legacy of faith from these experiences that will affect our circle of influence for generations to come. No, I’m not asking God for the notoriety of Noah or Abraham, but that He would use this season of trial to encourage others.


  7. Wow, Mike! This is great! Please know that you and your family will remain in our prayers.Prayer Request: Please pray for the women of Hosanna Home. This is a 12-month rehab facility where my husband and I volunteer. Pray that the Lord will do a mighty work in the lives of these women and that they would be rescued from their addictions. This small group of women represents many lived – children in particular – who have suffered for years in the bondage of addiction. Pray also that the Lord will guide me and my husband as we minister there.Praise: My husband is better from his recent pneumonia (thank you for your prayers last week!), and we will be enjoying visits with out of town family throughout the weekend this week.


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