Prayer Request Friday

I don’t know about you but I’m finding these prayer request days to be a real blessing. Not only is it a blessing knowing I’m being prayed for, but it’s a bigger blessing to pray for you. I usually go about my day and weekend with you on my mind, whispering prayers here and there, and thinking of you often. It really helps to keep me in an attitude of prayer.

So again I invite you to leave a prayer request (or praise) in the comment section. Know this, you WILL be prayed for.

As for me, my request is the same as what I alluded to on Wednesday. I can’t give a lot of details here but I’m at a multi-pronged fork in the road and need to make a decision . . . and I so need wisdom!


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  1. It’s been a long, long week at work, and I’m thankful it’s over. I had a calendar bloated with meetings, and then had to deal with a situation right out of left field. I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually wrung out.Thanks for this Friday prayer time, Mike. It’s an oasis.


  2. Mike, I also look forward to this! It IS a blessing! Please know I have been praying for the wisdom you need to make your decision and will continue to do so.I’d like to ask that you pray for my husband…he is coming under very unfair criticism about the way he is parenting our two teen boys. (coming from non-Christian relatives) It is hurtful and discouraging. Also, pray for my boys and husband to have a safe and blessed camping trip this weekend…its the first camp out for their brand new Boy Scout troop!


  3. I’ve read your blog for a while and when I get a spare dollar and a spare moment I’m going to get your book. Love that genre. My prayer request is that my father passed away last Sunday, the funeral was Wed. He and my mom were both in a nursing home so my mom is left alone and I have so many hundreds of decisions to make regarding her care, finances, etc. I also homeschool my youngest 3 kids, 2 of whom are adopted with attachment and emotional problems. I feel overwhelmed and grief-stricken. I know the God of all peace and know so many are praying for us. It’s been a long year and my body is physically exhausted. I know you understand that so well. So my prayer is God’s grace and mercy on us as we live one day at a time. Thank you for ministering to so many through your honesty and transparency.


  4. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mike -I’m praying for you. My request remains the same: a decent full-time job with benefits. Blessings,Susan 🙂


  5. For our home to sell! Like Yesterday!


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