New (Used) Plea for Help

I need help with something. It’s high time we get a new (used–new to me) car. Mine is a ’92 Ford Escort with 216,000 miles. Well past its prime. Problem is, I hate this whole process. I hate not knowing what you’re getting in a used car. I hate haggling over prices.

Here’s where I need help. What’s the best car you’ve ever owned? Or what would you recommend to someone looking for a 4-6 year-old car with under 60-70,000 miles and under $10K? And along the same thought line, what car have you owned that you would never recommend to someone else?



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  1. Car I would recommend – Honda Accord. I held on to my 2001 for almost 8 years, and now college son is driving it. Great car.What I would never recommend – Ford/Mercury. I had the lemon of all lemons, a 1988 Mercury Sable, and Ford would do nothing — absolutely nothing — all the while proclaiming “Quality is Job 1.” Everything that could go wrong went wrong — turns out it was a “switchover model” — a year Ford had to do better on gas mileage for the EPA ratings. Car was a disaster, and Ford denied everything.


  2. Dayle James Arceneaux

    Toyota, Honda. In the same class as the Escort is the Corolla and Civic-the best in that class. I must say that despite the bad rep, my Kia ran just fine for a long time.


  3. I’ve had my 1998 Toyota Corolla since, well, 1998 (we bought it used). It’s been amazing! No major problems….we’re gonna keep it ’til it dies. I’ve heard they are really good cars. Great resale too. I’d recommend that one for sure. Toyota makes great cars.


  4. We’ve been very happy with our Honda Accord. It’s 2000 with 95K. Aside from tires, the only repair has been the CD player that broke while under warranty. We’re not planning to retire it any time soon.I know Saturns are no longer being made, but I definitely would not buy one. Several years ago, we had one. When the car had about 60K miles, we went through 3 months of repair. When I complained to the service department, the lady told me they usually go through major repair issues at 60K. She went further to tell me at 90K, I might as well buy a new car.


  5. Another Honda recommendation here! We’re still driving our ’91 Civic and it has almost 300,000 miles. We’ve owned two Fords…an SUV and a 2-door car, both were duds when purchased used.


  6. Susan J. Reinhardt

    I love my Honda Accord. It’s 9 years old and still running like a top. I don’t know if it would fit your price point, but my mechanic said a Honda at 100,000 miles was “young.”Blessings,Susan 🙂


  7. I have never had a new car so I am pretty familiar with hoping you don’t get stuck with a lemon. The car I have right now is the best car I have ever had and everyone tells me that (never failing to remind me). I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. The worst car was a Ford Escort Station Wagon. It was decent at first and then turned into something I had to pawn off to a junk yard.


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