Wild Dogs and Smelling Like Chicken

Here’s some good fodder for story ideas.

Saturday we got some broiled chicken and sides from a local family restaurant and took the kids to a reservoir in northern Maryland not too far from our home for a picnic. We found a nice spot atop a wooded ravine that overlooked the lake. It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm, breezy, quiet. We ate our dinner in peace, talking and laughing.

But there’s something about the woods of northern Maryland that always creeps me out. And this time it did not disappoint.

As we finished our meal and began packing up our things, Jen said, “Hey, listen. What’s that?”

We all froze. From across the lake, on the other side of the ravine, came the sound of multiple barks and howls. A pack of wild dogs communicating with each other while on the move. Cold fingers walked down my spine and from the looks on everyone else’s face, those same fingers had found their spine too.

Our youngest, Caroline, started to whimper and go on about the dogs coming across the lake and eating us.

As Jen tried to calm her, Laura, our oldest, hollered, “Come here, look at this!”

I went to where she was standing and there, on the downslope of the ravine, not ten feet from the edge of the woods was a deer skin draped over a low-hanging tree limb. More of the skin was piled on the ground here and there and white and brown fur was scattered like snow all around where some struggle took place. The skin looked fairly fresh but there were no bones. It was just the skin.

Now Caroline lost it. Jen sat with her in the car and tried to console her, assure her the dogs would not find us and eat us. But Caroline, in her six-year-old mind would not be convinced. “I smell like chicken,” she cried, “and they’re gonna eat me.”

Now, to some that may be just a weird picnic outing. Something to talk about and maybe even laugh about, but to me, man, that’s great story material. A pack of half-man/half-dog creatures terrorizing a state park area. Great stuff. My imagination is in overdrive and I’m lovin‘ it!


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  1. I can just see the story lines forming in your head as the same thing happened in my mind as I read your blog. Expecting to see this in a book from you some day. Your daughter thinking she smelled like chicken is so cute, yet I’m sorry the event scared them. I guess this means they won’t be reading Daddy’s books for awhile. LOL


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