Crooked Guns . . . a Caroline Update

I feel like this blog has an identity problem. On the one hand, I know some of you read it for the writing side of things, the interesting conversations, the updates, the writing tips, etc. On the other hand, I know some of you read it as a way of keeping tabs on my health and, now, Caroline’s health. So I waver back and forth between posts on writing and posts on health and the associated blessings and struggles. For now, until I come up with something better, I’ll stick with both and continue this split personality thing.

Many of you have been thinking about and praying for my youngest daughter, Caroline. She’s seven and was recently diagnosed with juvenile arthritis (the pediatric rheumatologist thinks it’s psoriatic arthritis). She’s been on the milder medication now for four weeks and, honestly, we haven’t seen any change for the better. If anything, her symptoms have worsened. Granted, the medication dosage was ramped up and this week is her first week at full dosage so we’ll give it more time.

For a little background, her symptoms started in her left hand, ring finger. From there it progressed to both hands and then to her wrists. Now, she experiences pain and stiffness in her hands, wrists, ankles, knees, sternum, and sometimes low back.

Like with any arthritis, the symptoms are erratic, good days and bad days, more stiff and sore in the morning or after vigorous activity. She is seeing an occupational therapist for her hands and the report there is that things are improving, goals are being met. Good stuff. But overall we’re seeing symptoms showing up in more joints. Not good.

Can I ask you to please pray for Caroline? It tears at a daddy’s heart (and her mommy’s too!) to see our baby girl hurting like she does. To her credit, Caroline’s faith is unwavering. She is just as happy-go-lucky as she ever was, smiles and laughs just as much and is just as goofy.

For trick or treat (here in Hanover, PA they do t 0r t the Tuesday before Halloween (weird)) she dressed up as a cowgirl. She tried making a gun with her fingers but because of the arthritis her fingers don’t straighten all the way. Caroline said to Jen, “Mommy, I wish I didn’t have this arthritis. My guns are crooked!”


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  1. So we'll pray that Caroline gets "straight guns." Your blog doesn't have an indeity crisis, Mike. It's about your life.


  2. Love her and love you all too. We're praying and will continue.


  3. What an amazing little girl you have! I will be praying for her, and for you. I have absolutely no interest in writing tips, and I don't really enjoy reading interviews, unless they are about upcoming books, but I love this glimpse into your life, where it is lived. I say keep going just like you are. It has worked thus far, as least in the opinion of this reader.


  4. I will be praying for you both! Sounds like you have a precious, precious little girl! What spunk!And don't change a thing about your blog…it's perfect!


  5. My seven year old daughter prays for Caroline every night, just like she did you. I love the heart and faithfulness of seven year olds!


  6. Praying for little Caroline!


  7. I'm praying for Caroline's healing and for you and your wife's peace and comfort.


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