Job Never Had a Chance

Here’s something I was thinking about in regards to spiritual warfare and how much God allows. The story of Job is a perfect example of God allowing Satan to engage in warfare with a believer . . . and Satan needing God’s permission before lifting a finger.

As we read the book of Job we find ourselves pulling for this poor man, hoping with all hope that he doesn’t give in to the depression and angst and total upheaval of his life and curse God. We want so badly for him to emerge victorious and prove Satan wrong. Then we put ourselves in Job’s shoes when trials hit us. We tell ourselves that if Job can do it, so can we. We assure ourselves that God is in control and if we stand firm enough and keep our eyes fixed enough on God, the trial will pass and we will arise from the ashes of our life victorious.

Now consider this. Do you think for one minute that Job ever had a chance at failure? No way. This is a no-brainer but remember God is sovereign. He knows the ending even before the beginning begins. He knew before Satan even entered his domain that Job was going to remain faithful. Think about it, there was no way God was going to allow Job to fail and give Satan an opportunity to stick his crooked little finger in God’s holy face and say, “See, I told you so!” No. Way. The battle never was Job’s. It was God’s from the beginning.

I know this plays all kinds of games with the whole sovereignty of God/free will of man thing (another topic for another time) but all I know is that God was the one who pointed Job out to Satan, not the other way around. And something strong tells me there was no way God would have done that if there was any chance Job would fail and curse Him.

God knows what’s best. He knows how it ends. Never, ever, doubt that.


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  1. AMEN.


  2. Such a great point: God was the one who brought up Job to Satan. Something to think about when I feel as if I've being hand-picked for some very unpleasant experience. Maybe I have!


  3. Mike,I've been listening to an awesome series of sermons on Job. The pastor actually addressed the idea brought up last week here, about sin being the cause of troubles. The pastor reminded his audience of Job and the fact that God pointed Job out to Satan because of his righteousness! I'd never thought about it that way, and it fits perfectly with your thoughts…Job's trials, any believer's trials are in the hands of almighty God before they even begin. Failure is not an option. We belong to the Father already!PRAISE THE LORD!!!


  4. Ooops…forgot to list the case you're interested. AWESOME series on Job!! can download sermons too.AMAZING!!


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