On Being a Historical Figure

My girls are into the American Girl dolls. Every year for Christmas they look forward to either getting a new doll or some accessory for a doll they already have. Hey, I love the fact that my girls are still into dolls and not so interested in having their eyeballs glued to a computer screen.

Now, here’s the rub. Here’s my latest (and only) beef with the American Girl company. They have a line of “historical dolls,” dolls modeled after girls from different time periods in American history. There’s Felicity from the American Revolution, Josephina, a girl of Mexican descent in the 1820’s, Addy from 1864, Kit from 1934, and Molly from the WWII era, to name a few. Each doll has a book that tells that girls’ story, history lessons, and so forth. Each doll also has various outfits from the time period, funiture, accessories, etc. all fit to the time period in which the girl lives. Very cool stuff.

But . . . a few months ago I came home from work only to have my girls tell me I was now “historical.” What? Here they had received the new American Girl catalog only to find out the newest “historical” figure was Julie, girl of the 1970s.

What? You gotta be kidding me. Puh-lease. I grew up in the 70s! I’m not historical! Sure I may be getting some gray hair and my joints may be a little more stiff than they used to be, and I remember seeing KISS in concert and when skateboards first got big (even though they were little and skinny then). Okay, so I remember seeing Star Wars (the real Star Wars) in the theatre. I had an Atari 2600. My bike had a big ole banana seat. I’m a child of the 70s, but I’m not historical. Please don’t go there. Not yet.


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  1. Mike, if you're now historical, I suppose that means I'm an official antique – a child of the 1950s. Sigh.


  2. I was born in the 60's. Guess that makes me a dinosaur. Ouch.


  3. Susan J. Reinhardt

    I'm not even going there!Susan


  4. Yikes! I guess since I write historicals that makes me a historical historical writer.


  5. Is this same type of thing when my son's second grade teacher is teaching him as history the assassination of JFK, and she wasn't even born then, but I lived through it and still remember where I was when it happened?


  6. Blast from the Past

    Mike – If you're a self-confessed child of the '70s, more power to you! We are a good, strong, unique breed! We are not "historical" – we are "relevant" and "cool". Just take note of all the '70s references, fashions and music that pervades our current society!Long Live the '70s! :)I was born in '59, and have such great memories of the '70s that I wrote a fun book about all the COOL things we grew up with, and how GREAT life was back then. I could send you a link if you're interested… I'm certainly not your competition in the book department 🙂 You might enjoy it, or my blog.


  7. Seems like I remember living in Florida and any car over 30 years old could be registered as an antique. I'll take historic over antique any day! 😉


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