Before, During, and After Cancer, a Photo Journey

Cancer has a way of becoming a benchmark in your life. From now on, everything will be B.C. (Before Cancer) and A.C. (After Cancer). I suppose that’s how it is with any traumatic experience. Everything is measured against that experience. Whenever I have to get any medical procedure done now I compare it to chemo or the ostomy. A colonoscopy is child’s play compared to that stuff. Blood work? Please, doesn’t even make me sweat in comparison. Nasogastric tube (see photo below) . . . okay, that’s pretty bad, ranks right up there with the chemo, not as bad as the ostomy. You get the idea. The same measuring tool is used for everyday events too.

Talk to any cancer survivor and they’ll tell you the same thing, life changes after cancer, it’s never the same again . . . for the good and bad. For one, I have a whole new outlook on who God is and how He operates in the lives of His children. He’s so much more real to me now, so much more personal.

So, in thinking about all this cancer stuff I thought I’d post a few photos, before, during, and after the battle.

This photo was taken 10 months before diagnosis. We took a family vacation to the Pemaquid area in Maine. Little did we know that monster was inside me even then, growing stronger every day.

Here I am with the beloved nasogastric tube. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Up your nose with a rubber hose.” That hose, by the way, is travelling all the way down to my stomach and draining its contents.

Here I am with my baby girl in some caverns in Virginia. This was taken seven months after finishing up chemo, two years after our vacation to Maine, the first photo. You can see I shed a few pounds along the way.


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  1. My captionsfor the pictures: #1 – Apparent Health; #2 – Illness; #3 – Life. God's had you on an incredible journey, my friend. And know that you and your family stay on our prayer list.


  2. Mike– so glad you are on the road to health and can say after cancer. I'm headed to PA to see my mom this coming weekend. She called and told me she has cancer and I want to be there when we hear what kind and what the treatment is– it is either colon or colorrectal. But either way, I know God is in charge. Keep the snow away as we are driving!


  3. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mike -I remember my near hysteria as a child at the sight of a needle. Our tolerance for pain is always measured against the worst thing we've gone through. You've certainly come a long way. May you enjoy many, many years of good health and live to be downright ancient. :)Blessings,Susan


  4. Beautiful history… I saw God hands over your life…Que Deus derrame mais bençãos sobre você!: )


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