An Open Letter to "Holiday Celebrator"

Dear Holiday Celebrator,

You’ve made me sick of the “holidays.”

No, I’m not sick of Christmas. Goodness, no. I love Christmas, the season, the day, and everything it stands for and reminds me of. What I’m sick of is “Happy Holidays,” holiday trees, holiday cards, holiday cookies, holiday greetings, holiday presents, blah, blah, blah.

What’s a holiday tree anyway? Can you explain that to me? “Well, it’s . . . um, a Christmas tree.” Oh, really? Then why not just say CHRISTMAS TREE!

Holiday cards? Don’t they mostly have images of decorated trees, beautifully wrapped presents, snowy landscapes, Santa Claus, stockings, lighted homes, and such? All, traditional images of, hmmm, let’s see, what’s that holiday called? Oh yeah, CHRISTMAS!

Oh, and how about those holiday cookies? When’s the last time anyone made pine tree-shaped cookies or reindeer-shaped cookies for Hanukkah? No, they’re shapes associated with that holiday, um, you know, the one that falls on December 25th every year, you know . . . I think my calendar calls it . . . CHRISTMAS!

And what’s with none of the stores mentioning Christmas? Holiday sales? “Happy Holidays” banners? When it’s President’s Day they’re not ashamed to say it, or Independence Day or Memorial Day or Labor Day. And what do they all have in common with Christmas? They’re all federal holidays.

Yes, Maybe it’s slipped your mind, but we have a federal holiday called Christmas, whether you’re a Christian or not, whether you’re an American citizen or not, whether you recognize it or not. Look on your calendar, it’s there, December 25th, the same day every year. Year after year. Kids are off school, government employees are off work, your mail won’t be delivered. It’s called Christmas. It’s not a bad word. It’s no more offensive than Labor Day or Memorial Day. It’s a holiday. For some it holds special meaning, yes, because without the birth of Christ there would be no Christmas (not to mention no hope for mankind in which case not having Christmas to celebrate would be the least of our worries).

But the reality of it is, whether you see it as a holy day reminding of us that moment in time when God wrapped himself in flesh and humbled himself, becoming a helpless infant in our cursed world or whether you see it as just another holiday that you get off work and spend the day with family, it’s called Christmas. Say it with me, “Christmas.” You said it a million times when you were a kid and nobody got offended, our government didn’t collapse, there was no widespread revolt. So what’s changed? The day, the reason for the day, or you?

Sincerely . . . and merry Christmas,

A Christmas Celebrator


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. AMEN!!! Preach it Brother!!!!!


  2. I guess my question is …What do trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, or beautifully-wrapped presents have to do with Christmas, anyway?More than that … Why should I care whether the cashiers who are facilitating materialism and gluttony give lip service to Christ's birth in the process?Frankly, I think that this argument is silly from both sides. "Happy holidays" doesn't bother me, and "Merry Christmas" from anyone who isn't a Bible-believing Christian doesn't thrill me.


  3. Great post Mike, and in reply to the one comment, it isn't the matter of cashiers giving lip service, it is about political correctness, worrying more about offending atheists, Muslims, etc – this is America, and Christmas has been a national holiday here, so I weary of stores not worrying about offending me, and worrying about offending the minority.Happy Holidays bothers me, and I lodge complaints to stores who make the deliberate decision to ban the word "Christmas"


  4. YEAH!!! This has bothered me to know end. It's really made me angry.


  5. lol oops. change "know" to "no"


  6. I like your reminder that Christmas is, in fact, a federal holiday.Yep. I agree with you!


  7. At risk of being branded some kind of agitator …Mark, if you're complaining because someone gave you a polite greeting, then it sounds like you've got a bit of a chip on your shoulder.Whether someone wishes you "Happy holidays" (which was considered an appropriate thing when I was young … I'm not sure when it became evil) or "Merry Christmas," why can't you just accept it as a kindness and go on with your day?All of this pushback over "Merry Christmas" isn't spreading any kind of joy, much less the Gospel. Is it that important to you that everyone give your greeting? What if your Jewish cashier wants to wish people a "Happy Chanukah" instead?For my own part, I'd rather no one used the word "Christmas" except Christians, so that no one had a false sense of comfort about their relationship with God.


  8. Wickle, I understand your point, really I do, but for me this whole issue has more to do with our society pushing God and everything and anything that has to do with Him out of the picture. Was taking prayer and Bible reading out of the schools okay because many of kids weren't true Christians anyway? This is just one more example of God being pushed to the side and ignored which isn't good for anyone. My point is, if they're not going to celebrate Christmas for the right reasons at least show it respect for the federal holiday that it is. A long time ago this country decided to make it a national holiday for a reason and at the time it was probably for the right reasons . . . how far we've slipped already, I hate to see us slip further.


  9. I think it's great that we Christians are finally realizing how far we're becoming marginalized by a few extremely vocal atheists. It's time we started defending Christ and Christianity.


  10. "Was taking prayer and Bible reading out of the schools okay because many of kids weren't true Christians anyway?"That's a separate issue.To be honest, though, I look at it like this — the christmas (deliberate little "c") that is being observed at Wal-Mart on Black Friday at 5am by people overspending on material goods has nothing to do with Christmas, the celebration of our Savior's birth.I don't want anyone confusing the two, so if they want to rename the secular holiday to something else, that's fine with me.I'm willing to agree to disagree, and I'm sorry if I've overstated my case and offended anyone. I see where you're coming from, but I heartily disagree.I do agree that it's silly for stores to rename Christmas trees as "family trees" or "holiday trees" or whatever-else trees. It doesn't bother me, though, since most of the people celebrating christmas (or x-mas if you'd rather) won't spend a moment thinking about Christ.Jesus advised His disciples to preach the Gospel, but if people didn't want to listen, to leave town and shake the dust off their sandals. To an extent, I think that what we see happening every year is well-meaning Christians refusing to be marginalized, but at what cost?How many souls will be won by fighting in the "war on Christmas," compared to what might happen if we act with the humility that Jesus instructed?Might we not be better off shaking the dust off of our sandals (figuratively, of course)?


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