Concerning My Colon

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts regarding my “procedure” yesterday. There’s nothing like a good ‘ole sigmoidoscopy to get the day started right. Really gets you hopping. Anyway, things went fine and the surgeon said my colon looks great.

As soon as I got there, I was hussled from the waiting room to the procedure room, changed into my little gown (and by little I mean literally, they gave me a small, barely down to my knees), then sidelying on the bed for the you-know-what. I’ll tell you, I hadn’t one bit of anxiety in there. In fact, afterward I was taken to an exam room so the nurse could do her thing and she was shocked that my pulse was only 66. Thank you for the prayers!

It’s fascinating, though. Because my colon is 18 inches shorter than it used to be and the part they took out was a tricky turn, whenever he does a sig-oscopy it turns into a full colonoscopy. I like this much better because one, it gives the surgeon a complete view of the colon rather than just a partial and two, I can stay awake the whole time and not have to miss a whole day of work because of anesthesia and such (instead I only miss about two hours then off to work I go). The fact that I can watch the whole event on TV is a bonus.

The only downside? The air they pump in there to make way for the camera. Boy, talk about feeling bloated the rest of the day.

So, relieved I am (as Yoda would say) and thanks again for the prayers. My colon is good to go.

Oh, one more thing. Just a little horn-tooting. This is my 700th post to this blog and, oddly enough, will take me over the 25,000th visitor mark. Two milestones with one post!


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  1. God is Good! So thankful for your great results. Congrats on your milestones!!!!


  2. Getting to watch the whole thing on TV is a bonus? I laughed at that — and I think I read laughter in this post. Great news, Mike.


  3. Mike, I must admit–you do have a sense of humor! Praise God for the great results!


  4. Mike, Glad things went well. You might want to do closer editing in the future, not following a mention of the air used to inflate your colon by the phrase "horn tooting."Merry Christmas.


  5. Glad everything went well. Merry Christmas


  6. I didn't even pick up on the horn-tooting thing. Gave me a good laugh. Now that I know . . . pun intended!


  7. What a great Christmas present! Answered prayer!YAY!! Horn tooting and all! πŸ™‚


  8. Susan J. Reinhardt

    LOL! Now there's an eye-catching title.I'm so glad everything went well. Have a Blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.Susan πŸ™‚


  9. Congratulations, Mike! That's wonderful news. Have a super-blessed Christmas!!


  10. Just found out my mom has colon cancer–not sure if it is spread but am learning a lot. I am thankful you are doing well and will have a Merry christmas!


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