Emetophobia and the Undignified Creature

Didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night. Mind a little fuzzy this morning. Random thoughts for a random kind of start to the day . . .

Class at Lancaster Bible College went great last night. We had more discussion, talked about some interesting topics, some not-so-interesting topics . . . time flew by.  I’m going to enjoy this semester. For your enjoyment, here’s more of the students’ blogs (I have them all listed over in the right sidebar too, if you want to check in from time to time and maybe leave a comment here and there . . . I know it would be encouraging for the students).

Bible Basics

Tough Questions

God and the Young Man Creature

More Than Words

On another subject . . . ever hear of emetophobia? No? Well it’s partially the reason for the rough night last night. Our oldest daughter awoke vomitting early this morning. Three times, in fact. Our middle daughter has emetophobia–fear of vomitting or hearing someone else vomit. Yeah, nice.

Our girls all sleep in the same room. They have their “bedroom” and the other bedroom is their “playroom.” Unorthodox, I know, but it works for us and the girls like the arrangement . . . until someone vomits.

Abby: “Dad, can I sleep with Mommy?”

“No, Ab, I sleep with Mommy.”

“Can I sleep downstairs on the sofa?”

“No, you can sleep in your own bed.”

She did eventually fall asleep again and Laura’s stomach did eventually stop revolting.

Onto something else . . . dogs have to be one of the most undignified beasts on earth. Don’t get me wrong, our black Lab Josie is a wonderful dog. She’s low-key, loves the family, is great with the girls, never has “accidents,” never chews on things she isn’t supposed to (although she occasionally gets in the kitchen garbage), but she does things no self-respecting mammal would do.

It snowed here last month, a lot. The plows piled snow along the side of the street some four or five feet high. So when I was walking Josie, where does she decide to do her “business”? On top the snow mound, for all to see and admire her handiwork. She begs without shame, goes nuts over crumbs on the floor, then licks the varnish off the floorboard where the crumbs were. I mean, have a little self-respect.

I know I’m picking on poor Josie but it’s not just her, it’s dogs. They may be man’s best friend, but really, get a little dignity.

Okay, that’s it. Time for work. Work. Some days it sounds to my ears like a cuss word.


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  1. Boy Mike! Your mind is as foggy as mine this morning! Thank goodness my sleeplessness was not due to revolting stomachs! YECK!! Work sounds like a cuss word to me today too. Let’s pray for one another shall we?


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