I’m Changing Teams

I’ve been a tea drinker for a long time. No coffee for me, thank you. Yes, I love the smell . . . hate the taste. I try coffee occasionally to see if anything’s changed but, nope, still find it disgusting. It’s funny, because I love coffee-flavored things–ice cream, cake icing, candy, you name it.

But back to tea. I drink a cup of tea almost every night and for the past 15 years or so have favored Earl Grey (Twinings or Stash).

Before we go on, let’s get one thing straight, shall we? Herbal “tea” is not tea. I’ve been telling Jen this for years and she argued the point with me until she went to a market and met an English man peddling teas (if anyone knows tea it’s the English). She asked him where the herbal teas were and he pointed to the black teas and said, “The tea is here, the herbals are over there.” Ouch. I guess that settled it for her.

But back to Earl Grey. The manly tea (I know tea isn’t exactly as manly as coffee but, hey, it’s the best I can do). And the best tea I ever tasted . . . or so I thought. Until I had Lady Grey. Okay, I would never say it in public (though I am here), but I liked Lady Grey better than the Earl. I hated liking it better because it sounds like such a girlie tea and in public I would never, ever, ask for Lady Grey. It was always Earl Grey. The manly tea. The manliest of teas.

Or so I thought.

Until one of my managers introduced me to Lapsang Souchong tea. Oh, man, what a great tea. Tastes like an autumn campfire. I’m not kidding. It has a wonderful smokey flavor. Very manly. Yes, even more manly than Earl Grey (if that’s possible). On the back of the Twinings packet it reads . . .

The unique flavor of Lapsang Souchong is produced by laying the leaves out on bamboo trays and allowing smoke from pinewood to permeate through them.

Is that cool or what? Smoked tea leaves.

The problem with Lapsang Souchong is one, hardly anyone’s ever heard of it (though I’m sure it’s been around for thousands of years) and two, it’s next to impossible to find any store that actually carries it.

Have you ever heard of Lapsang Souchong? What’s your favorite tea (okay, or herbal)?


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  1. Mike, I’m disappointed mate – How could you not love coffee ?! People who don’t love real coffee have never had a real coffee IMO. Will have to get Kristy to make you a real one when you visit NZ next 😉


    • It would be worth the trip, I’m sure. I hope someday we do get to visit NZ. I’d love to do some booksignings there, too. One of the places I want to see before I . . . you know.


  2. Hey Mike – I know what it takes to begin to enjoy coffee…you have to be pregnant! 🙂 Seriously, I hated the stuff until I was pregnant with my oldest son…and suddenly it was the best stuff in the world…tastes every bit as good as it smells!

    However, since you are not eligible for this particular physical change…perhaps you better stick with your tea! I can’t even pronounce it! But hey, I still don’t know how to order at Starbucks either!

    Just give me a good hot cup of Folgers in the morning and my heart is happy!


    • That is too funny, Kim. Yeah, if that’s what it takes to enjoy coffe I’m a hopeless cause. Hey, I’ll keep trying it from time to time, different flavors, different concoctions, and see if my taste changes one of these days. Until then, I’ll stick with my tea–Lapsang Souchong!


  3. Marquette Garvick

    I’m with you Mike I like a good cup of raspberry cocoa made with milk, but I most times have a cup of fruit flavored green tea or licorice tea. Coffee smells good brewing, but I can’t stand the taste. My hubby favors Guatemalan coffee.


  4. Mike, a man after my own heart! Symon gives me stick approximately twice a week about drinking tea (some complaint about it not being very manly). But I have, like you, tried coffee a plethora of times to see if anything has changed. Lo and behold, it is still just as foul as ever.


  5. Hi Mike –

    While I do enjoy an occasional cup of coffee (or hot chocolate laced with French Vanilla coffee), I drink more tea. Earl Grey is yummy.

    On the herbal side, I discovered Tazo Calm. It’s also hard to find. The supermarket carries most of their flavors, but not that one. Surprise! Starbucks had it. You can also find it online.

    Have you looked for your new favorite via Swagbucks?

    Susan 🙂


    • You know, Stephen, maybe only men comfortable enough with their manliness can drink tea 🙂

      Susan, I do like Tazo teas as well. Non into herbals, though. Black tea for me. Really, any kind will do. I’ll have to head on over to Swagbucks and check for Lapsang Souchong.


  6. Stephen :
    Mike, a man after my own heart! Symon gives me stick approximately twice a week about drinking tea (some complaint about it not being very manly). But I have, like you, tried coffee a plethora of times to see if anything has changed. Lo and behold, it is still just as foul as ever.

    I need to make you a coffee Stephen!!


  7. Did you try Wegmans, Mechanicsburg? They have a whole room of tea.


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