Much Ado About the White Stuff

First, let’s get one thing straight, I love snow. Love watching it fall. Love walking in it. Love playing in it.

What I don’t love is shoveling it.

And this recent storm was a monster, had a lot of attitude.

Actually, maybe I should clarify. It’s not that I don’t like shoveling. I don’t mind shoveling snow that has fallen from the sky, in fact, I find it rather enjoyable. What I despise is shoveling snow the plows have kicked up and piled against the cars 4 feet high. It’s heavy, packed, and a real back-breaker. In fact, between the snow on the car and the snow piled up by the plows, both our cars were completely buried. Only the side mirrors were visible.

We got about two feet here in southern Pennsylvania, light, fluffy stuff. Our dog looked like she was swimming in it.

Snow does get me thinking about the wonders of our God. Snow flakes in particular. They say no two are the same, though, to prove that you’d have to look at every snow flake that has ever fallen and compare it to every other snow flake that has ever fallen . . . but I’ll take their word for it (whoever they are). The point is, no one will ever compare every snow flake with every other snow flake, yet God took the care to make each one unique. Why? No one would ever notice. I’m thinking for His own glory. Because He could. He even points out the “treasures of the snow” to Job (before they had microscopes, obviously, to discover the real treasures of the snow), pointing to it as proof of His sovereignty (Job 38:22).

The sun is out now. Our one car is has been freed from its snowy tomb, the other one is half-cleared. Time to work on the other half.

And I hear more snow is in the forecast for mid-week.

How many more weeks of winter?

How about you? Did you get snow where you live? And how much?

(By the way, I envy my Kiwi friends. It’s summer in New Zealand and they’re probably relaxing on the beach and barbecuing in the back yard . . . enjoy!)


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. We got 20 inches here in Ohio – 20 inches too many πŸ™‚ – I do not enjpy snow.
    That no two snowflakes alike has always puzzled me too – how DO they know that?!

    I for one am wishing for Spring πŸ™‚


  2. They, may be someone who writes for a sports magazine. You never know about science these days!!


  3. Here in Northland, New Zealand, we don’t even get snow in winter πŸ˜‰ Yep, summertime here – Awesome as we live less than 30mins from amazing beaches!


  4. It’s all relative to where you live and what you’re used to, though. While you may perhaps dream of life over here in NZ and the Christmas break (Dec through Feb for schools) being in the heights of summer, I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a few of those snowflakes!

    BTW, very cool point about the treasures of the snow with Job and the fact that they didn’t have microscopes back then.


  5. Mike, you should get a gravatar. It’s a universal avatar that works on all blog platforms etc.


  6. “The treasures of the snow.” That is so neat. Gives you something to ponder while shoveling. We have tons of snow here in Maine, but we haven’t go hit like you guys did this storm. Stay warm and make some snow angels with your kids!


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