Guys in Sequins

I love the Olympics. I do. Can’t get my fill of them. These are sports you just don’t get to see every day.

But there’s one sport I just don’t get. Male figure skating. What’s with these guys? What kind of guy looks at an oufit filled with flashy colors, sequins, faux deep v-necks, fur, and frills and says, “Oh, it’s perfect. So cool. No, awesome!”

I don’t get it.

The tricks I understand, the double toe whodingy, triple lutz whatsit, and all that. It’s power, it’s acrobatics, it’s athletic ability . . . but the dancing? Is there a point to it? It just seems to be a bunch of flailing arms and swiveling hips intermingled with a few spins and spills.

I’m not questioning anyone’s athletic ability. These guys ooze it, but does it have to be so frilly and furry? Can we please masculate the sport a little? Just a little? I’d watch hours of guys in jeans and skates street dancing. That would be cool. No sparkles, no sequins, no fancy schmancy stuff. Just guys doing cool tricks on ice.

That would be awesome.


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  1. Well, Johnny there you specifically highlighted — he’s gay, so he really enjoys the frills and sequins. As far as the other guys who aren’t….why does it matter? It’s just clothing and moving their bodies around. If they enjoy it, who are we to criticize?


  2. Wait… I thought they where all gay. Not really but whatever talent it takes to do figure skating is lost on me because of all that nonsense.


  3. This picture you’ve posted…that’s a guy?! Honestly…I didn’t know. I’m not watching the Olympics right now, and I thought this was a girl. Have mercy! Something has gone way wrong in ice skating if the guys look like this. Ewwwww!!!


  4. Figure skaters in general have a weird sense of fashion. CNN has a story on their site with some of the more questionable outfits. Here’s the link:,28804,1964288_1964289,00.html?cnn=yes&hpt=Mid

    I completely agree with you. Often times the costumes take away from the talent. I’m surprised some can actually perform without laughing at the absurdity of their attire.


  5. Jen tells me I went to bed too early last night and missed the male figure skaters who actually looked masculine. Good for them. I know it must be very unorthodox to shun the sequins and I’m sure they endured much ridicule for doing so.

    All kidding aside, I know these skaters are very talented and I appreciate what they do on ice. But the costumes still tie me up in knots. I mean, in what world other than figure skating are these getups considered tasteful and stylish? Some are just atrocious.


  6. I have always been amazed at the physical strength required for this sport, and please don’t think I was making fun of the guy in my earlier comment, but I really thought he was a girl. Oh well…I hope he skates safely and isn’t injured. Sad about the guy who was killed in the other sledding sport. Danger is part of their lives I suppose.


  7. Just curious — do you know that Johnny Weir (whom you have pictured) is from Lancaster County? 🙂


  8. This comment comes from a christian so Im trying to say this in christian love so to speak…Ive noticed something from reading your books and now your blog that troubles me am I reading you wrong?
    You seem to frequently point out peoples races and beliefs in a way that comes across as cruel maybe even racist.
    No Im not a christian who feels gay is a race, I know its a sin one of many, inc’d others, many of which are our own daily. In fact Im not gay or african american or a rice burner as you put it in books and blog.
    I just have started noticing you have a way of pointing these things out while cloaking it in humor. It leaves a bad feeling to me and isnt humorous.
    For instance is the Johnny Weir post what you want a possible non christian to come across whilst googling who may be having thier first gander at a christian blog?
    (Owned by one who seems to want to reach people for christ?)
    Just food for thought and if I have it wrong accept my apologies and perhaps just know it is being received differently then maybe you intend.


    • TM, please accept my apologies if my attempts at humor have offended you. They are just that, attempts at humor and nothing more. I am not a racist nor do I look down on anyone for their choice in the way they live. I’m merely making light of life; I’ve done it plenty of times on this blog in regards to myself, my fears, my stuttering, etc. As for what you’re finding in my books. A common misconception is that authors are expressing their own opinions/feelings/bigotries in what they write. Not so. We are expressing our character’s. Books are written from another’s point of view and that is what I’m trying to capture.

      I’m not sure I agree that I “frequently point out peoples races and beliefs in a way that comes across as cruel maybe even racist” but if that is the way you are interpreting my blog than I need to re-evaluate how I’m coming across. Thank you for pointing that out. And again, I’m sorry you’ve been offended. I was merely making light of life, not intending to offend anyone. And besides, I didn’t once mention in this post that I thought the skaters were gay, didn’t mention anything about being gay. Where did that come from?


  9. I apologize if I over reacted I just feel for those winding up here who are sincerely curious about christian writers or googled it and landed here and maybe arent christians.
    You mean when you expanded on how Johnny W. dressed you didnt suspect you were jesting at a gay guy? Really? You had to know it would come across as such.
    If not well then It was me and perhaps an error in judgement. But when one googles images or info on Johnny it will pop up unrelated to what site it is folks will pop in.
    I appreciate you sharing your info on writers and characters its a point of view Id not considered, though there is a line I hope you wouldnt cross. (or write your characters in) And somewhere I think I read you said you do have lines you wont cross because of your faith, so Im not saying you dont.
    I suppose I place too much judgement and expectance on “christian fiction”.
    Ive often questioned if God even wants me reading for pleasure and entertainment or if christian fiction is maybe out there to reach the unsaved and make them think,especially the horror thriller genre which I tend to lean toward. (the scripture about setting our mind on things above not on things below)
    Maybe all this stems from something God is teaching me.
    I appreciate your straight forward response to my post and I hope I havent done any damage to the blogs mood and place.


    • TM, I appreciate your candor and questions. And your comments have caused me to do a little self-reflection. I haven’t thought about what a non-christian stumbling onto my blog would think. They aren’t my intended audience with this blog but I know they do happen upon it. So thank you for bringing that to my attention. I hope I’m never above receiving some constructive criticism or even admonition.

      As for Johnny W. I honestly didn’t even know he was gay until someone left a commment on this post saying he was. I suspected it but since the whole sequin and frill thing is quite common for figure skaters, even straight ones, I wasn’t sure. And the post was about most, if not all, male figure skaters, not just Johnny W. though he was the photo I chose because he’s the most flamboyant. But that is neither here nor there. The point is that my attempt at humor and lightheartedness was taken the wrong way and offended you and probably others and for that I’m sorry.

      As for Christian fiction and content, as you know, we live in a world of light and darkness. It’s my job, my duty, as an author to accurately portray both sides without glorifying the darkness. Some people are racist and bigoted and if one of my characters is then he or she will be portrayed that way. It has no reflection on my own thoughts or ideas. Hopefully, I shine the light on darkness through my stories and show how damaging and defeating it is and point the way to the Light. That’s my intent anyway. I do hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy Christian fiction. There’s a lot of good stuff out there.


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