Living in Two Worlds

I’m at a stage in the writing process when things start to get hairy. Darlington Woods releases in a month and a half so I’m ramping up the marketing, scheduling book signings, doing interviews, contacting blogs and media outlets (or at least I should be).

In the meantime, things are moving right along with the writing of Darkness Follows (which releases May, 2011).  I’m up to 23,000 words and the story is developing quite nicely.

The problem is this, I only have so much time in a day to devote to writing and writing stuff. Something has to give.

Now here’s how I’ll manage all this without going as nutty as a three-legged squirrel. If you’re a writer you’ll know what I mean when I say this, and if you’re not a writer you may still be interested in knowing how a writer’s mind works. Inspiration comes in fits and starts (I imagine it’s the same for any art form). At times the words flow like warm honey, smooth and swift, and the story unfolds like an old friend stopping by for a visit and cup of tea (I don’t drink coffee). Inspiration overflows and I can’t stop, don’t want to stop, my fingers from dancing out a tale of suspense and creepiness. It’s during those times I’ll focus on Darkness Follows and take advantage of the freedom that inspiration brings.

But then there are those times when that spring of creativity dries up and the words cease to surface. It’s like my right brain needs a good dose of Senekot. It’s during those times that I won’t force the issue (I may hurt myself) but rather let things ride and focus on marketing stuff for Darlington Woods.

This whole process is like living in two worlds. There’s the business side of things in which Darlington Woods now resides and then there’s the creative side of things where Darkness Follows lurks. For now, I’ll split my time and hope my personality doesn’t follow suit.


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Hi Mike

    I experience the same ‘dichotomy’ in my writing, although I’m more of a journalist/communications editor than a creative writer/novelist. There are days when some projects would bring out the managing editor in me – the one who takes charge of the editorial operations, who nags the contributors to submit their assignment, who makes sure that the production calendar is followed, who follows up the artist, in short all the nuts and bolts that put the magazine to bed.

    During those moments, the writer in me has a hard time finding my muse. That’s when my by-lined articles suffer a little delay. I can’t seem to find the right angle, context, or choice of words.

    My coping is similar to yours. I block off certain hours of the day when I just do editorial management. Then take a breather and return to my writing (and only my writing) which will take another half day.

    Of course, nothing is that rosy. 🙂 Just when you’re in the middle of fleshing out your story, your client on one editorial management project calls you about certain details- and the writer has to disappear for a while, and the manager takes over.


    • Yes! I completely understand. When everything is flowing creatively it is inevitable that something will interrupt my storytelling yarn. Thanks for the comment. Good to know I’m not alone.


  2. Be careful…you have some awfully creepy characters running loose in your head! 🙂 Maybe your personality has already divided in two and you just release the creepiness when your write! Nah….you’re too busy repairing drain spouts!


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