When Worlds Collide

So yesterday I was in a patient’s house and noticed a copy of my book, Scream, on the table beside her bed.

“Hey,” I said. “Where’d you get that book?”

She looked at me, blank.

“That’s my book,” I said.

The blank expression got blanker. I think she thought I was accusing of her stealing my book. Of sneaking into my house and taking a book from my shelf.

“That’s me. Mike Dellosso. I wrote that book.”

“Oh,” she said. Understanding dawned. “I thought you looked familiar. I was at the booksigning you did at Waldens last year.”

I didn’t remember her but she showed me what I wrote on the inside of the book. And yes, she had indeed met me. No thievery had taken place.

“I didn’t know you did this too.”

“Yeah. This is my real job.” I said it like I was confessing to being caught in a major scam.

She looked disappointed. I think authors hold a certain, albeit very insignificant, celebrity status to some people. My signature and words on the inside of her book were something special, something distant as if from another world. And when she realized I was just an average Joe with no celebrity aura whatsoever and my feet loosely planted on this planet the bubble was burst.

I hate when my two identities show up in the same place. ( But it was kind of cool).


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Happens to me all the time.


  2. This is interesting Mike! Makes me realize how “hollywood” I am about authors in general. While I know writers are as human as anyone else (alas! it’s true!), I can’t help getting excited when opportunities arise to meet or exchange emails with authors I like to read. That excitement never gets old!

    Last January I drove over two hours to meet an author…just because I was so excited over the opportunity! It has to be one of my favorite things to experience!

    Hey! I even get to email this fabulous author named Mike Dellosso every once in a while! Oh…that’s YOU!? Amazing!! 🙂


    • Kim, I get a charge out of meeting and talking to authors too. I still don’t consider myself one of “them.” I doubt many authors do.


      • Now Mike, you have multiple books with your name on the cover, and a contract for more of the same…believe me, you qualify!! Get excited to meet your author self!! 🙂

        And hey…know that YOU are stirring up the excitement quite a bit these days!! Woo-hoo!!


  3. What a great story, Mike. .


  4. Now you have gone and destroyed my image of you Mike. You mean you actually work and do stuff like real people. Man!


  5. Man, you mean you have a “real” job?! My view of authors is forever tarnished!


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