My Most Frustrating Thing About Writing

Last week I did an interview for our local newspaper here in Hanover. The reporter asked me what my favorite thing about being a writer was. I had to think because there are so many things I love about being a writer. Finally, I gave a very politician-like response and gave her multiple answers, the sense of accomplishment, the creative outlet, knowing someone took time out of her busy day to read something I wrote, the opportunity to possibly change the way someone thinks or lives through the power of story. I know, it was very lame of me not to give her one thing, my favorite thing.

But when she asked what the most frustrating thing about being a writer was I didn’t hesitate: finding the time. I must confess something here, I envy those authors who can do this thing full-time. I often wonder if I could be a better writer, a more prolific writer, a less frustrated writer if I only had more time to write. I have time because I make it. I get up early and pound away on the keys while still half-asleep sometimes. I squeeze it in here and there, most of the time not during my prime time for writing. When I’m feeling inspired I’m usually working. I get maybe an hour a day for writing.

Now, I’m not complaining. I know it sounds like I am but, trust me, I’ve very grateful to just be writing. I know the statistics and odds of someone, anyone, getting to do what I do and they are staggering and humbling. I take none of it for granted. But oh to have more time, to be able to write when I’m actually feeling it instead of trying to manufacture inspiration. To be able to write when I’m fully awake and thinking clearly.

I hear about some of these other writers who can write three, four, five hours a day and can feel the green oozing into my skin. Maybe someday I’ll be blessed to do that but for now I’m happy and blessed to just be writing, whenever I can, wherever I can. For now I’ll keep working hard, hour by hour, day by day, to produce stories that entertain and challenge and hope and pray like mad that I can be a blessing to someone else . . . in spite of my own frustrations.


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. You know Mike, as long as you keep that perspective – realizing how blessed you are to have your stories published – then God will take care of the rest. When I was in college we had several writers come through and speak to us, and I remember one guy in particular…he wrote an hour a day….first thing in the morning…his goal a page a day…a really good page. Then, by his calculations, that equated to a novel-length story a year, and he got to keep his “day” job, which he happened to love.

    He was getting it done, getting published and was very happy. I’ve not forgotten that lesson. I think just having the dedication and commitment for EVERY DAY is the key.

    Prayers always,


  2. I think you have the right attitude. Even an hour a day will get the job done, as I’ve discovered. I’m not a writer who has to work full time, though, but who is a home-school mom of 4. It’s still difficult to balance making time for my husband and family, the people I love so much, and for myself. Sometimes, I end up sacrificing friendships, and I don’t want to do that either.


  3. Nicole and Jill, thanks for the comments. Yes, it is a matter of one day at a time, a little here, a little there, persistence and determination. Then, once I’ve done my best and done everything I can do, be satisfied and content to leave the results up to the Lord. I can do all things through Christ . . . I have to keep reminding myself that.


  4. Came across this today and thought it was fitting:

    The artist doesn’t have time to listen to the critics. The ones who want to be writers read the reviews, the ones who want to write don’t have the time to read reviews.
    – William Faulkner


  5. Mike, you’ve come so far since i’ve known you. God will get u through this time just like He did all of the other times. Soon enough you’ll be just writing for a living. Just remember His timing is different from our timing.


  6. I’ve been noticing the time issue as well, and blogs that I follow have been bringing it up. I’ve been doing some switcheroos in my schedule lately to get some decent writing time in. It isn’t easy, but it definitely helps if you have a willing spouse, for one.


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