Darlington Woods Optioned

In some of my recent Facebook comments I’ve mentioned work I’ve been doing on a new project.

Well, here goes . . .

A couple months ago my good friend and mentor in many ways, Kathy Mackel (a novelist and screenwriter), sent a copy of Darlington Woods to a movie producer she knows in Los Angeles.  A few days later I got an email from Kathy saying the producer read the book in one night, loved it, and wants to talk.

A day later I was on the phone with Roma Roth of Reel World Management discussing the possibility of turning Darlington Woods into a screenplay. She sounded excited . . . I was excited.

There were details to work out, of course, and after a few weeks of discussions, several more phone conversations, and back and forth email, Roma optioned Darlington Woods to begin work on developing a screenplay.

That’s where I came in. Both Roma and I thought it best if we worked on the screenplay rather than outsource it another writer who may not keep the integrity of the story. Almost three weeks ago I began to work on it and finished the first draft just a few days ago.

Now, what does all this option business mean?

Here’s what it does mean: Roma has temporary rights to shop the screenplay around Hollywood and elsewhere in hopes of finding a studio willing to purchase the rights and put up the bucks to film the movie. That’s all it means.

Here’s what it doesn’t mean: It doesn’t mean the movie will come out next summer . . . or ever. Novels and screenplays get optioned all the time and while it’s cool and exciting, it’s no guarantee the rights will be purchased. No guarantee at all. In fact, it’s still a long, long shot. (But God is a perfect marksman and specializes in long shots).

So please, don’t ask me when the movie is coming out. Don’t ask me who will star in it. Don’t ask me if I’m rich yet (oh, if only it was that easy).  Don’t ask me if I’m going to Hollywood. Don’t ask me if I know Tom Cruise.

While it’s a major blessing to be in this position and a real shot in the arm for Darlington Woods (a story worthy of the big screen . . . in my opinion), I’m grounded enough to know that actually making it to the big screen is still a dream and a hope away.

But with God . . . stranger things have happened. I’m just enjoying the process and learning as much as I can along the journey.


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Mike – that’s terrific! Even the idea of a producer being interested is terrific. And it would make one terrifying movie!


  2. That is great news! Will be praying for you and your family. I’m glad that things are progressing well for your writing. What an amazing experience!


  3. Why am I not surprised? So happy for you. If nothing else maybe there will be a few $ in the deal and more exposure to your writing.

    Now to the important thing. You recommended me to an agent and now we have the same agent. So when my third novel is published are going to recommend me to someone in Hollywood? 🙂


    • Like I told Kathy at the beginning of all this, screenwriting isn’t my source of income so if nothing comes of this other than some exposure for DW and an opportunity for me to shine God’s “light” I won’t be disappointed. I keep praying that prayer of Jabez (bless me . . . and keep me from evil) and things keep happening!

      As for the recommendation . . . you betcha. Kathy has done so much for me to help progress my career and give me more exposure, I’d be a monkey’s hiney if I didn’t pay it forward. 🙂


  4. Terrific news, Mike. Congratulations. That’s the funny thing about writing. We labor in secret and then cast our “seeds” to the wind. Who knows where they’ll take root?


  5. Wow!! That is sooooo exciting. Even just the thought of someone considering turning the book into a movie 🙂 Now it’s up to God 🙂


  6. I would NEVER ask you if you knew Tom Cruise LOL!! Mike, incredible news and so deserving you are, my friend. What a HUGE blessing this will be when it finally happens…oh, the people this will reach!

    Will be praying….keep us updated….and what are you writing now?? I’m ready for another Dellosso thrill ride!!


    • Deena, I’m putting the finishing touches on Darkness Follows, due out May, 2011, then will be starting on my next novel, tentatively titled, Midnight is My Time.


  7. This is so great to hear, Mike. I am so happy for u. Just knowing somebody is interested in it for a movie is great! I’m still reading it and am slowly getting thru it during some of my very few moments of free time I have from Maddy. I also have been making sure I read it during the day…no nightmares!! I would luv to watch it on a movie, just would need to get up the courage:)

    PS. I told u would become famous:) Just don’t forget about us little peons. he he


  8. Mike!!! Isn’t God wonderful?! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Will be praying!! And celebrating with you!! Boy, when you say you’ve been up to something…well, we know to expect BIG things!! CONGRATULATIONS my friend!!


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