3 Obstacles That Everyone Faces

Ever notice how there’s usually one thing in a sermon that really sticks out to you, that kind of jumps out and slaps you right in the forehead and says, “Hey, this one’s for you, dumb-dumb. Pay attention.” Often it’s something simple and obvious but something you’ve somehow missed until that point.

This past Sunday it happened to me. And I think that handprint is still on my forehead.

Here it is, 3 obstacles that keep us from following God, that keep us from obeying Him and fulfilling the calling He has for us:

  1. Compromise
  2. Inconsistency
  3. Indifference

For me, I applied them to my writing. Here’s how I combat all three:

Compromise. I will never, ever, waver on my stand as a Christian author. I’m a Christian first, it’s what defines all I do and why I do it. Then I’m an author. For me, the emphasis is always on Christian. When I begin writing a story I know the message I want to convey through the story and I won’t stray from that.  I won’t compromise my convictions for more sales or better reviews. I won’t change who I am to fit somebody else’s idea of what an author should be like or what I should write. I write with my heart on my sleeve and I hope it shows, and my heart is to reach people, both Christian and non-Christian through stories that challenge, convict, encourage, and inspire.

Inconsistency. I write every story like it’s the last one I’ll ever pen so every one gets 100% of me. And I give 100% because, ultimately, I write for an audience of one. Enough said.

Indifference. Is it tempting to slog through and get a story done just for the sake of getting it done? You bet it is. Writing a novel is a long, wearying process and one that takes determination and perseverance. I won’t give up. I can’t. Too much rides on each story. I don’t take for granted the opportunity I’ve been given and never, not even for one second, think I’m somehow entitled to it. I also know it can be taken away from me at any time. That keeps me going, keeps me revved up. I also realize the importance of what I do. I’ve said this before . . . I see what I do as God handing me a megaphone and saying, “Okay, pal, I’m giving you the chance to talk to thousands. What are you going to say?” That’s heavy stuff. If I get indifferent, shame on me.

Now, apply the 3 obstacles to your own life, your own calling. How will you combat them?


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for this post, Mike. The way you put those things really, really causes one to think.


  2. great reminder, and I appreciate the Christian message in your books – keep up the great work


  3. We keep thinking–in spite of knowing differently–that it’s all about us. It isn’t. It’s who we are IN HIM. We get off on our own little stages and profess this or that as the absolute way to accomplish something when in reality He accomplishes it. The high calling lies in obedience to His desires, not our liberal interpretations of them when we don’t want to do what He’s asked, or wait for what He’s promised, or carry the burden He’s given us to share.

    Excellent threesome, Mike.


  4. Amen Nichole….when we can get ourselves out of the way; it is amazing how everything else just falls into place!! “not I, but CHRIST”.


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