A Love/Hate Relationship

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So I started running again. Yes, started. I hadn’t run any distance to speak of or with any consistency since last December. Oh, I ran a mile here, a mile there over the summer but that was it. My excuses were plentiful. Too hot, too busy, too tired. Worthless, every one.

Then I started again because I forced myself to register for a 5K on September 25. And now I can’t stop. I’m obsessed.


But I’ve noticed something, come to a conclusion. My relationship with running is love/hate. When I’m not running I hate it, don’t like the thought of it, and have no motivation to do it. Believe me, the excuses come easy.

But when I force myself to set aside my loathing and actually get my rear off the sofa and run suddenly I’m in love all over again. Day after day I must run, I’m compelled, even obsessed. When I miss a day I find myself out of sync.

Then I realized how much that is like spending time in God’s Word. Not that I hate reading it, please don’t hear me saying that. But when I’m not reading it regularly it’s easy to stay in that rut, easy to come up with excuses and find other things I’d somehow rather be doing. Then, when I get into a routine, spend regular time with God, suddenly I need it like I need air.

So how about you? What do you have a love/hate relationship with? (And please don’t say your spouse).


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  1. I’m with you on this one Mike…I started running about a year and a half ago and signed up for my first race this October. It is something that has been so good for me – a new rhythm that has impacted me on all levels. But I love to hate it. And after a run where I pushed myself a little harder yesterday, my body hates it more.

    I have also seen the same parallel you discovered with being in God’s Word. Or even just sitting in His presence. I hate to sit still. Running has only encouraged my ADD. But it has also brought to light the need for healthy rhythms.

    I’d love to chat more but it’s time for my run… šŸ™‚


  2. Same with me, in a way…I work out a lot. Sometimes every day, sometimes every other day. If I’m feeling off I hate working out but I slog through it. When I’m actually not working out I relish the idea. Strange.


    • Thanks for the comments, Naomi and Jay. It’s funny how our moods and attitudes change regarding exercising and other disciplines in life. It must have something to do with that whole bringing our bodies into submission thing. No one likes to submit, but we know it’s what is best for us.


  3. I think the running would be a hate/hate relationship for me šŸ™‚


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