Virginia Isn’t for [Book]Lovers

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So Saturday I had my “big” book fair in Virginia . . . only it wasn’t big. Funny thing. There were 75 authors present representing every genre and kind of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. The fair was for a good cause, to raise money for literacy and awareness for the link between illiteracy and high crime rates. But the turnout was dismal.

I went expecting to talk to readers, work the crowd, and talk up my books. But it was like fishing in a pond where there were no fish.

Yes, I did meet some new and interesting people, had some good discussion with others (interestingly, my favorite talk was with an elderly author about her arthritic knee and her need for a total knee replacement) but at the end of the day I had driven seven hours, spent eight hours at the fair, only to spend more on gas than I made on books.

This was the second time this year I had such an experience in Virginia. If Virginia is for lovers it sure hasn’t shown me any love yet. I don’t think I’ll be doing any more events in Virginia for a while.

Virginians, defend your state!

Oh, here’s something interesting I saw. On the way down to Waynesboro, VA, along Interstate 81, I saw roadkill I’d never seen before . . . a black bear. Really. Big sucker too.


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  1. Shawna Franklin

    Sorry you didn’t have a better turn-out. That’s a shame. Wish I coould have gone. Would have been nice to meet so many different authors in one place. Interesting about the roadkill. In GA I see tons of armadillo. Gross!


  2. Perhaps the begining of a new book about where all the people went!


  3. I’ve been to a few of those events. On the fantasy fiction tour in ’08 we had the team of 8 show up for an event that ended up with a similar result. The most fun was everyone discussing what their worst book signing event was. It ended up as a great memory, knowing that everyone has ’em. I’m pretty selective on book signings now, especially these “big” events. A school chapel (awesome), a church that lets you speak from the pulpit prior to meeting (great), and believe it or not, I had one of my best book signings at a CostCo (with 120 books sold out and them ordering more). Eric


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