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2010 is almost officially through and that always gets one thinking about the year that has been. Here’s some thoughts I have on the close of this year.

1) In March I celebrated two years as a cancer survivor. With my job being in the health field I’m consistently reminded what a feat this is. I see far too many patients who have been ravaged by cancer.  And having done time with that wretched beast, I can say with complete sincerity: I hate cancer.

2) May brought the release of my third novel, Darlington Woods. This one was especially sweet as it was the book I wrote following my battle with cancer. In my opinion, a major accomplishment.

3) In June we vacationed in Maine. Let me just say it now: as much as I hate cancer, I love Maine. The rocky coast, the trees, the clean air, the wildness, there’s no other place quite like it. It was a vacation I wished would never come to an end.

Also in June, Jen and I celebrated 13 years of marital bliss. Okay, we’ve had our rocky moments but they seem to blur in comparison to the blissful ones. We’ve grown closer and closer over the years. Which leads to . . .

4) In August we found out Jen was pregnant with our fourth child. Surprises do indeed come in small packages (or should I say growing packages).

5) My girls all turned a year older and grew about a foot more. Gone are my little girls . . . welcome in the young ladies. Our 11-year-old is 5’3″ and wears a size 8 shoe!

6) God provided for another year. We’re healthy, happy, and blessed!

Now, some other stuff:

In 2010 we saw the death of common sense in America. A few examples:

A 13-year-old boy in Sacramento was told he was not allowed to fly the American flag from his bike on school property because some other students had complained about it. Who cares if the flag offends some, this is America for crying out loud.

In Tampa, a high school football player was penalized for saying a quick prayer in the end zone after scoring a touchdown. Wrong. Just wrong.

In Haymarket, VA, a group of high school students were disciplined at school for distributing candy canes and singing Christmas songs in the hallway. They were told by school officials that candy canes can be sharpened to a point with ones mouth and used as a weapon. I guess pencils are safe because you don’t use your mouth to sharpen them.

In November, the American people had their say and Democrats took what the president called a shellacking proving this is still a nation ruled by the poeple, for the people.

We had one of the coldest winters in recent history . . . and one of the hottest summers. Can we get a break here?

All in all it was quite a year. Well-lived, enjoyed, and over. Here’s looking forward to 2011.

So what were some of your most memorable moments? I’d love to hear them.


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Congratulations on nearly three years of being cancer free. Praying 2011 will be a wonderful year for you as you look forward to the birth of your child.


  2. Great post. Congratulations on almost three years of being cancer free.


  3. Mike,
    I haven’t been here in awhile and so it was with huge joy that I read your wonderful news about cancer free for so long, a new baby and more books! God is amazing:))


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