The Thing I Hate Most About Being an Author

People are starting to get their hands on Darkness Follows and, so far, the feedback has all been positive. They love the characters, love the suspense, love the twists and turns.

Which I love to hear.

And hate. Because it makes me so jealous. I know, it’s trite and self-centered. I really do love when a reader loves my book . . . I only wish I could love it in the same way. But I can’t. It’s impossible. I can’t and never will see my stories in the same way a reader sees them during the the first read.

It’s the curse of being an author. I can never experience my books the same way others do. I’m not surprised by the twists and turns because I put them there. The characters don’t intrigue me because I created them, built them from the ground up. The suspense isn’t suspenseful because I see it coming.

All this makes it very difficult for an author to be objective about his/her own story. I see it in a totally different light and from a drastically different perspective than you, the reader, do. I see it from the inside out.

It’s kind of like you’re children. Did you ever wish you could meet your children for the first time and see them the way a stranger might see them? Experience their sense of humor for the first time? Enjoy their interesting stories anew?

Sometimes I wish I could suffer temporary amnesia and read my stories for the first time, when it’s all so new and the anticipation and suspense is fresh and riveting. I wish I could meet my characters as if they were strangers and this our first introduction.

I wish I could see my story the way you do.


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Just finished the book last night…far and away your best yet!!! Great job, and thanks for being so clear in your Christian message.


  2. I understand your jealousy, as it were. I have written something I am hoping to get published one day, but I have let a few people close to me read it. Their reactions to the story were different then mine. As I wrote, it was like watching my children go through something yet knowing the end results (more or less). When my close friends read it, they saw the conflicts and resolutions in a different way. I couldn’t see it because as the creator I knew how it would be. My views of the resolutions were different, because I created them! I did cry in one place as I wrote the story, because I knew it was going to be emotional for people. My husband even cried when I read it to him. But, I didn’t cry for the same reasons that other people cried. Does that make sense? Your books are outstanding! I hope to be able to move people the way you do. Writing is a gift I take very seriously. God has certainly blessed you with not only writing skills, but the ability take something dark and see the light in it. Or, the possibility of light. Thank you so much for your books. Looking forward to reading more! Plus, I like being able to read this genre without the “extras”–extra language, extra intimate scenes, etc. I used be into Stephen King yeeeeaars ago. When I became a Christian 12 years ago, it was difficult to find something to read that interested me. Then, I discovered Frank Perretti, then Ted Dekker, now you. It’s so great!


  3. Wow, never thought of it that way. Guess we are the honoured ones seeing we get to experience your books for the first time 🙂 So theoretically you can’t be your own favourite author… interesting 😉


  4. Temporary amnesia–I like that! That would be one good way to be unbiased w/ your own writing. I’m thinking you could hit yourself on the head or something, but I’m not sure you could ensure the amnesia would be temporary. Hmmm. Something to think about.


  5. Justin Goodrich

    I guess you will have to live with inspiring those of us who are not published to write, and then you can read OUR stories for the first time.


  6. Hello there, this might be a bit late…but I was searching the web to see if somebody suffered what I suffered as an author and here you are! You stole the words right from my mouth. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thank you, I’ll surely buy a copy of your books! 🙂


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