Take Good Care of My Fish!

A Fantail goldfish

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Found this on our coffee table this morning.

Note from an 8-year-old to a friend who will be watching her fish for a week:

Red Beta fish (little). It’s a girl! Lilly.
Changing colors:

She needs two (little) pieces of food once every other day. Here’s tips for a game: she gets close to the glass. Take one of your fingers and not too hard push on the glass (gently) and she’ll back away then come to the glass again. And wash the plant that’s in her bowl.

Don’t get Lilly near the boys! Her friends are: the goldfish. The goldfish with the patches is queen, the small orange one is king. Beta’s name is Lilly. You have to wash the bowl! Goldfish get scared easily. Other goldfish not mine.

I hope you take good care of them! You’re the first one to watch our fish!

I just see fish, nothing special, very expendable. But my daughter sees frieds, playmates to be cared for and loved.  Made me think of how we sometimes see other people compared to how God sees them. I just see a guy on the street, a nobody, Mr. Anonymous. God sees a soul that needs saving, a lost child, a loved and cherished creation.

Anyway, I had tears in my eyes as I read her note. I’m such a sappy dad!


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  1. Mike,
    That is sooooooo sweet. Lexi is feeding them as I write this. Tell her that King, Queen, and Cosmo came rushing to the top and gobbled up their food. We are enjoying watching the tranquility of them swimming around. Kinda like a lava lamp!! I told Jen that they are mimicking the way they see her take care of the baby. These are their babies and they are trying to care, nurture, protect, and love them in the same way. At least they don’t have diapers to change!!! HAHA!!!


    • Beth, I wasn’t sure if that note, or some form of it, made it to you. I thought it was so cute I just had to share it.


      • Mike, no, I have two other notes, but not that one. I thought maybe you kept it as a keepsake. Thanks for sharing it. She is just too cute. She told me her new poem about the bruises. She is so clever.


  2. Love this!


  3. Brittney Breakey

    Oh I wish I were eighth again!


  4. Brittney Breakey

    Uh…I mean eight. Guess I can’t spell. =-)


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