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So I’m turning 39 here in a few days and it’s got me thinking . . . and feeling old. It wasn’t too long ago that one of my daughters asked me what year I was born. “1972,” I said.

Her eyes widened. “Whoa, that was back in the 1900s!”

Hey, the 1900s weren’t that long ago.

Here are 39 things that I remember that have me feeling old (in no particular order):

  1. Boom boxes
  2. Sony Walkmans
  3. Records (LPs)
  4. Floppy disks
  5. Cassette tapes
  6. Electric typewriters
  7. Christopher Reeves as Superman
  8. Parachute pants
  9. New Coke
  10.  The debut of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video
  11.  Watching the Star Wars trilogy on a really big screen in the theatre
  12.  The Baltimore Orioles were good
  13.  Drinking from the garden hose
  14.  Riding in the back of the station wagon
  15.  Banana board skateboards
  16.  Atari 2600
  17.  Pong
  18.  Mattel hand-held electronic football game
  19.  Big wheels
  20.  Dynamite magazine
  21.  Metal lunch boxes (Star Wars again)
  22.  Wacky Packs
  23.  S & H Green Stamps
  24.  Clock radios with flip numbers
  25.  Max Headroom
  26.  Betamax VCR
  27.  Radio Shack TRS-80
  28.  Commodore 64
  29.  DeLorean DMC-12
  30.  Avoid the Noid
  31.  Where’s the beef?
  32.  Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Shields
  33.  Bruce Willis had hair
  34.  Star Wars action figures
  35.  JOLT soda
  36.  Evel Knievel
  37.  Pet rocks
  38.  Sea-monkeys
  39.  The Colts were still in Baltimore

So how about you? What are some things you remember that get you feelin’ old?


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  1. Absolute classic post mate… here’s to the good old days!


  2. I remember Beanie Babies.


  3. 39 is not old. I was in college in 1972. Which means next year is my 40th college reunion. Now that makes me feel old.


    • “Old” is relative, I guess. I know a couple, 90 and 91, been married 72 years. And honestly, she doesn’t look a day over 75. They would think you’re a spring chick, Glynn. ‘Course, you were born in the mid-1900s 🙂


  4. This is hilarious! Love the one about the orioles being good! ROTFL!!!! To be just 39 again… hmmmmm….


    • I’m so old I can’t remember any of those things. LOL!!!! JK. Loved the comment about being born in the 1900s. Lexi is always asking me things like, “Did they have horse and buggies when you were little”? One time, she got in a car that had roll-down windows and she didn’t know what to do! LOL!!!!


  5. Yes. A great post. I was going to write a post about mix-tapes…you threw everything in there! :}.

    Last night, watching an episode of Family Ties reminded me of these things as well.


  6. Love it! I remember all those! Man – it does make me feel old!
    My kids once asked me “Mom – tell us about the ‘olden days’!” I asked “What are the olden days?”
    “You know . . . the 1980’s!” they replied.
    Wow – have times changed. I thought the “olden days” were in the 40’s and 50’s. 🙂
    Happy belated b-day. Enjoy your last year in the 30’s. I left that decade in Jan. 😦 Not so sure I’ve fully embraced the 40’s yet. I celebrated my 2nd 39th b-day instead!


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