How to Audition for a Reality Show

So how does a family go from watching reality TV to auditioning for a reality show?

First, yes, we are fans of some reality shows. American Idol, Wipeout, Minute to Win It, The Apprentice, Extreme Home Makeover. We enjoy them.

Second, we have never sought out to audition for one, never even thought of it.

This one just fell into our laps.

Last Monday I got home from work and found an email from a casting producer in LA saying she was casting for a new reality web series created by the producers of The Biggest Loser and MSN and sponsored by Subway. It was going to be a show about families and the traditions that bring them together called It’s a Family Thing. Someone in her office was doing research and had apparently stumbled upon an article I wrote some time ago about a Christmas tradition we do every year. She was interested and wondered if I was willing to talk more about it. Why not? I sent her my number and that evening we had a chat.

Turns out she wasn’t so interested in the original tradition as she was in our involvement in Operation Christmas Child every year. Ever since our oldest was three we’ve been putting together shoeboxes stuffed with toys, books, toiletries, and small clothes items for children in faraway lands. Our kids are involved in every step of the process and look forward to this all year.

She was so interested, in fact, that she wanted to set up a casting interview/audition via skype for the following evening.  We agreed and were fortunate enough to have a couple friends help us get set up with skype and do the interview. Only thing was, the sound was terrible and we’d have to do it again the following evening, Thursday. The second time went great.

Funny thing, auditioning like that. They want you to be relaxed, act normally, talk like you always do, but you can’t help feeling like you’re interviewing for a job. I guess we did all right. We joked with each other, answered in complete sentences like she wanted us to (for sound bites), and felt more relaxed the second time around than the first time.

So now we wait. The producer said it may be a month before we hear anything more.  If we’re chosen they’ll send a film crew out here to little old Hanover and film us shopping, packing, and wrapping. I suppose there will be those candid shots as well as the “behind the scenes” interviews.

I’m not sure how I feel yet about the potential of having my family life and dynamics put on a screen for all to see. But I trust my family and am proud of them. In fact, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with this.

I don’t know how others go about getting on reality shows, but that’s how we came to auditioning. Weird how some things in life turn out, isn’t it?


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Carol Holdefer

    I think this if fabulous, Mike. What a wonderful opportunity the Lord is giving you to share with the world what is so special to you and your sweet family. Your family is so cute!! How fun it would be for all of you to be on television. I hope you get the chance to share your testimony for Christ with the viewers.


  2. That’s fantastic, Mike. I hope it all works out because I want to watch you guys in action. How fun. A wonderful opportunity for you and yours. Keep us posted.


  3. Ditto what Carol said. No better family to portray.


  4. I responded to this query (from HARO) as well – and got an email back yesterday saying she wanted to talk with us too. 🙂 Will be interesting. Great to hear what happened with your interview process, etc. Thanks! Can’t wait to watch you guys do the shoeboxes! We did that for years (and still do occasionally)! Love it!
    Lori 🙂


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