Making Some Changes (and a little about me)

Learning to let go.

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Lately, I’ve been consumed by my writing. I’m making a change which I’ll get into more next year and I think it’s a good change, the right one. It has me completely immersed in my stories. I look forward to getting up before the sun  does so I can get to work on my current work-in-progress.

A few things spawned this change. They’re things about me, about my character, my ambitions, my loves, my life, and I couldn’t help but eventually let them influence my storytelling.

  1. I love my family. I’d rather spend time with my wife and kids than with anyone else. And my home is where my heart truly is.
  2. I love the simple life, small towns, rural roads. There’s nothing better or more peaceful than open spaces and the sounds and smells of farm land, orchards, open fields, and woods.
  3. I enjoy spending time with real people. Common folk, honest, transparent, patriotic. People who have dreams and goals and struggle through this life trying to make them become a reality. People who will invite you into their humble home and make you feel like part of their family.
  4. I like country music. I just do. I couldn’t tell you who sings what but I like the sound of it, the stories it tells. Makes me think of home.
  5. I’ve known suffering. Not as much as many, I know that because I see the many every day, hear their struggles and pain and disappointment. But suffering has touched our family and I’ve learned from it, more than I thought I ever could. It’s shown me a part of myself I would have never otherwise seen.
  6. I love my readers. I want my writing to go deeper, to touch people in a different way, to meet them where they are in life . . . for you, the reader. I want you to not just read my stories but to experience them.
  7. I love God and want to make him proud. I want to hear those words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Next year I’ll expound more on all of these, but for now just hold on tight and enjoy this ride of ours. There’s more to come. This journey is far from over.



About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Occasionally, we need to take stock and have a serious conversation with ourselves and God about what we’re doing and where we’re going. I’m looking forward to the rest of this story, Mike.


  2. Mike,
    I believe you could be a preacher. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I truly believe your priorities are right on target. You are a man after God’s own heart. I am asking God to just dump a truck load of blessings on you today.
    Speaking of country music, I’m not really a fan, but I do love Willie Nelson’s album, titled simply, ‘Country Music’. It reminds me of long, long ago when the old hill folks held barn dances. It just makes me feel good to listen to that CD.
    Looking forward to what God give you to give your readers next!
    Susan Snodgrass


  3. Hi Mick
    When we put God in the centre everything fall into the right place in our life
    Psalm 16:8
    May God bless ur life


  4. Loving this, Mike. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!!! May God use you mightily through your wonderful writing talent.


  5. Since first disovering your books and then “liking” your Facebook page, I have closely followed your writings. I read everything you write about whether it’s short notes or blogs. They have always done one things for me, inspired me. It is because of your transparency and honesty and just plain great writing that I was encouraged to finish a rewrite on a book I started in 2008. I’ve always liked to write–short stories, poems, teachings, whatever–it was fun and others liked it. I just sent that manuscript out to a publisher today. I don’t know what God has in store for me,not completely. But, I do know this: It is because of people like you and others I know who are totally real in their Christianity that I have been encouraged to continue along this road. Thank you for being open and honest with us. As a loyal reader I pray for you and your family and look forward to reading the rest of your story.


    • Wow, Vanessa, good for you. I hope you have success with your manuscript. Congrats on finishing it, that’s a huge success in itself. I’m honored you find some inspiration in my thoughts and words.


  6. What a lovely and inspiring post. Thank you!


  7. Wow, Mike! We have a LOT in common!! More than I realized! This was a beautiful post. Thank you for reminding me of the things that are important in my own life. Reading you prior post really makes me wished you lived further south! I don’t suppose you will offer writing workshops in Alabama? Atlanta perhaps? I wish!! I’d be there in a New York minute!

    Thanks for being a friend and writing such inspiring stories and blog posts!!


    • Kim, I’d love to offer a writing workshop in all the southern states. Atlanta sounds great. I’m hoping to get this thing together to start seeking locations in the spring. I’ll let you know. Are you part of any kind of writer’s group in the area? The only thing is, if I’m going to travel that far I’d need a large group (40-50+). If we can secure that, I’m there 🙂


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