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The other day I was thinking about Jesus. I wish I could say I thought about him every moment of every day but I don’t. I’ll admit that. My mind wanders, gets distracted, absorbed by the things of this world, tasks at hand. But at times, usually while driving, I think about him and the life he lived, the death he died.

I thought about what he went through on this earth and the realization hit me that everything he endured he suffered for me, for you. And he did it so he could identify with us. We were on his mind. He felt the sting of rejection, abandonment, the emptiness of loss, loneliness, betrayal, the strain of temptation. He was scorned, ridiculed, talked about, mocked, lied to. He suffered physically, emotionally, spiritually. And he did all for me, for you . . .

Because he loves us and wants to be able to identify with our hurts, our tears, our cries for mercy, for rescue, our questions, our pleas. He walked in our shoes and it was so much more than a mile. He experienced life as we experience it . . .

Because he loves us.

He loves you and you’re worth every second he spent on this earth.

To Jesus, you’re worth dying for.

Think about that. It should blow your mind.

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  1. It does, Michael. Everyday it does. Thank you for this.


  2. Mike,
    I looked at the picture and thought about what complete terror I would feel if I’d been standing in front of that crowd. It’s always incredible to think about what Jesus did for me, for us, and how he thinks were worth the sacrifice he made. Mind blowing indeed.
    Thanks Mike,


  3. Thanks for the reminder. Have you heard of the group Mikeschair? They have a great song called “Someone Worth Dying For”. When I read your post it reminded me of their song. It has a great message in it.So many people’s sense of worth is wrapped up in what others think of them that we may forget or may not know, that what God thinks of us, of what He did for us, is so much more important than what others could ever think of us, good or bad. I think also we sometimes forget that even though Jesus is God’s son, when he was on earth, he felt everything we could ever feel. He understands us better than we truly can know. He’s also the example that we really can follow God’s will for us, no matter what.


  4. Great post! Thanks for prompting me to stop and think about this today.


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