So she came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved, and said, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put him!” (John 20:2, NIV)

Do you know what my favorite part of that verse is? John wrote it and he refers to himself as “[the disciple] Jesus loved.”

I don’t think John was being smug here; I don’t think he meant to infer that Jesus loved him more than the other disciples or that he loved only him. No, I think John was so in awe of this fact–that Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah, would actually love him, in spite of his many flaw–that he couldn’t help but mention it.

It is an awesome thing. And humbling.

And it’s a reminder that Jesus loves me, too. In spite of my flaws; in spite of the fact that I’ve betrayed him, disobeyed him, dishonored him, lied to him, and let him down in every conceivable way. Still he loves me.

Though it was my sin that put him on the cross, he loves me. Though I make promises I have no hope of keeping, he loves me. Though I fail him daily, he loves me.

It’s awesome, it’s humbling, and if it wasn’t there in the black and white I wouldn’t believe it.

And every day I’m thankful. So thankful to be Michael, the one who Jesus loves.

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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Love this article, Mike.


  2. It is a beautiful thing… to be loved by Jesus.. and to know He has no favorites. Something to be thankful for indeed on this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  3. Mike,

    What an awesome read to begin the day with!

    Thank you for sharing, for writing from the heart,
    for reminding us today how loved we are.

    I am so thankful to be Paul , the one who Jesus loves.

    Again, thank you,



  4. Amen Brother!!! Thanks for sharing this morning.


  5. i had chills reading this…because He has been underlining this very thing for me. over and over. and over. i know that i have looked through the lens of my circumstances and felt doubts about His interest in me and love for me. but the truth is…”i love you cannot be said a better way.” and i know i’ve heard Him whisper as He shouts *like HE does to each of us*…you are my favorite.

    thanks mike. this was deeply touching.


    • I wrestle with this every day, Cindy. I know who I really am . . . and so does God . . . and yet He loves me, calls me His own, in fact, His favorite. When I say, “I’m unworthy.” He says, “But I still love you.” When I say, “I’ve failed you.” He says, “But you’re still My favorite.” Thanks.


  6. Thank you for your informative and thought provoking article. Life with Jesus is Life Fulfilled!!


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