30 Days of Faith: Day 4

In October of 1995 I was hit with a brain anuerysm.  There were many miracles that God performed in my healing but the one that strikes me most happened almost a year later.  The year was filled with lots of pain, suffering and struggles and my husband was a strong pillar for me at the time, seeing that I received what I needed both spiritually and physically to regain my strength and health.

What he could not do anything about were the thoughts going on in my head that I did not speak of.  I had recurring shooting pains in my face and head and the thoughts were:  you are going to die.  Over and over again I would have the pain and the thoughts but you get numb to things sometimes and forget that you are in a spiritual battle and take into yourself things that are not yours.

One weekend, when it had been almost a year since I had the anuerysm, I was attending a praise and worship seminar in Virginia ran by a minister friend of ours.  We were sitting quietly just enjoying the presence of God when all of a sudden my minister friend who is also my spiritual father walked over to me and layed his hand upon my head (I had told him nothing) and rebuked the spirit of death and the spirit that was speaking death to me!  I don’t remember everything he prayed but I definitely remember that from that day on I never had another pain nor thoughts of dying.  The only way he could have known anything was by the Holy Spirit.

I honestly believe that I was being set up to believe that I was going to die, and I believe that when that anniversary hit if things had not changed I would have.

Our Father has been so good to me to allow me to live and be able to give my testimony of His faithfulness and power!  There have been so many miracles in my life that there is no doubt in my mind that our Father Yahweh loves us with a burning and passionate love and He desires the same from us!  May we so love Him that we begin to look like Jesus!

–Reggie Greanleaf

**Keep checking back all this month for more stories of God’s faithfulness!


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  1. Susan Snodgrass

    These are so inspiring.


  2. What a wonderful testimony! I’m absolutely loving reading these every morning. It’s great to start the day reading about God’s faithfulness and mercy toward His children.


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