30 Days of Faith: Day 5

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My story isn’t really unique, but it’s the story God gave me and I’ll praise Him for that and the miracles He’s shown me.

I had a happy and normal childhood as far as I can remember, with two brothers and a twin sister. I don’t really remember when my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer, but she was very young. A little over a week after my sister and I celebrated our fourteenth birthday, my mother died at age forty-two. My father remarried and we moved in with him and our step-family, adding two new step-sisters we didn’t really know and a step-mother I resented because she was healthy while my mom was dead.

The next few years were very difficult. I was a monster to deal with, I can admit that. I don’t say all that as an excuse for what happened next, but as a simple progression from how things started, to how they progressed, and finally to where they are now.

I jumped into drugs and alcohol headfirst. Not my smartest of decisions, and I knew it at the time. I simply didn’t care. There was a period of a year or two where I didn’t talk to my dad, and I don’t think he was even sure of where I was.

Then God blindsided me. I was living in Florida at the time, working at Walgreens and partying every night. I thought I had life made, until my grandmother sent money for tickets to go see Passion of the Christ. I had no interest in going to see that. I was raised in a Christian home, I knew the Bible, and I’d run from it. I didn’t want to be reminded of the truth when I was living in the pit of lies.

But, after much pleading from my sister who lived near me, I agreed to go with her to see it. That was on a Sunday night. I did my best to play the petulant child while the movie played, trying my hardest to not let any of it soak in. The next week, I continued life as usual; perhaps a little drunker to ignore the calling in my mind to think things through.

The next Sunday my roommate comes home all excited and holds two movie tickets up to see…….. Passion of the Christ. I was like: What?! She didn’t go see movies like that. And what made her think I wanted to? But the tickets were already bought and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I went.

After my roommate dropped me back off at our apartment and went to see some friends, I sat in my living room floor and stared at my meager belongings. Movies that I’d spent a lot of money on. Books that I’d read over and over again. All of it filth. The most violent Spiritual battle went on in that small apartment, and not a word was said for hours.

Finally, Monday morning I gave up and gave in. I made a decision for Christ that day and started by throwing away all the junk that I’d been so proud of only days earlier. I called my grandmother first, and then my father second.

It took an act of God to repair all the damage I’d done not just to my own life, but to my relationships with everyone I knew. I’m clean and sober now, praise God. And today, I’m reconciled to my parents and family in a way that can only be considered miraculous. There are no ‘steps’ as far as we’re concerned, and God has given us relationships I never thought possible.

Melinda Williams

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  1. What a testimony to how God works in our life. Praise Him that He doesn’t give up on us!


  2. I have always been grateful that God’s faithfulness remains even when we are unfaithful. Thank you so much for sharing this Melinda. It’s a great reminder of His faithfulness to us.


  3. you started with these words, “My story isn’t really unique, but it’s the story God gave me and I’ll praise Him for that and the miracles He’s shown me.” and i’m quoting them because i sat here thinking yes! i can relate, that’s me too.

    and yet…you ARE. ( i am too.) we ALL are unique. and our stories are as well. thanks for sharing yours. it communicates HIS intervention and restoration…and HOPE. all things that i need reminded of…again thank you and God bless.


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