30 Days of Faith: Day 10

39/365 Tired

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Back in 1995, I was a camp counselor at a Christian camp in Utica, NY.  It was the weekend and a few of the counselors and I borrowed a coworker’s car and headed to the mall for the evening.  As we traveled the highway at around 55 mph we could hear a thumping noise.

We weren’t sure if it was a wheel or tire, or engine noise so we pulled over and checked things out.  We didn’t see anything but figured we’d head straight to Sears to have them check it out.

Back on the highway, we got back up to speed and the front left tire flew off of the car and bounced down the road.

This all seemed to happen in slow motion.

For a while everything was quiet and we continued to travel unhindered.

Eventually, the axle hit the pavement.  At the speed we were traveling, this impact should have flipped our vehicle or at least should have pulled us into oncoming traffic.  Instead, God drove the car off of the road into a parking lot on our right.

The axle scarred the road.  It was so amazing to look at that groove in the road and know that there was no “physical” explanation for why we were able to pull over.

God continued to provide for us in many ways that night.  We felt certain there was a spiritual battle going on around us.  We were renewed and knew that God had more work for us to do.  We finished the summer on fire for our work with the youth.

–Angela Foltz


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Hi Angela,
    I was born in Utica. What was the camp?


  2. Susan Snodgrass

    Angela, what an awesome story of God’s protection and provision for His children. The enemy could indeed have been trying to cause you great harm, but God’s Word says He places angels around us to guard us and the glory of the Lord is your rear guard!!! Wonderful story.


  3. i’m so thankful for His intervention and protection for you. what a kick in the faith pants when the physical evidence doesn’t match the facts of reality. that’s just amazing! thanks for sharing, angela.


    • Thanks, Cindy! It was one of the most tangible ways I’ve seen God intervene in my life. It was a kick in the pants for all of us. We only had 1-2 weeks left to go and it really made us realize that the enemy didn’t want us there. It helped us resolve to finish strong and go back to school excited for what God would do!


  4. Whats wrong with you fundies.


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