30 Days of Faith: Day 14

My son was diagnosed with a mental illness.  Something that happens to other people.  He was in the hospital and not speaking to us.  He wouldn’t sign HIPPA papers, so the most we could to was talk generically to a case manager.

Part of an involuntary committment is hearings to assess recommittment.  We had to face him across the room, and state why we felt he should stay in the hospital.  He said it was all lies and the reason we were saying it was because we hated him, have always hated him.  That afternoon we had an appointment with a person from a charity we support.  It turns out he was in a counseling masters program and his brother had the same diagnosis as our son.  Our appointment with this man had been made weeks earlier.  What a miracle.

The case manager called to say our son was to be discharged.  There was no place for him to go.  He was mad at us, so didn’t want to live with us.  His one sister didn’t have room, and he was mad at his other sister because she was part of his delusions.  He was calling around and there was no place for him.  This particular hospital did very poorly with wrap around services.  They were going to discharge him to the street.

My back was in knots, my stomach nauseous, my head hurt, and there was no way I could fix this.  I stewed about it for two days.  Finally I told God “This is your mess, I’m giving it to you”.  I can’t describe the peace I felt.

The next morning I get a call from my daughter.  My son called her to see if he could live with her for a little while.  Her and her husband had ALREADY discussed whether they would open their home to him, and decided they would.

I’m amazed at how God has everything in place ahead of time. No, this story doesn’t have a happy ending.  The mental illness didn’t go away.  The God who orchestrates things BEFORE we even know it needs done, is faithful each day.  Yes, I’m still hoping he’s working already to put into place events that will restore my son to me.

–Doris B.


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  1. I can feel what you are going through in so many ways. We have two sons, both suffer from mental illness, both have been in hospitals for this. Our oldest son had been in many times during his late teen , early 20 years. He is now 44, on medications which keep him at a functioning level where he has not had to do this for many many years. He does however have OCD, a rather extreme condition in his case and that can be hard to deal with. he belongs to a church that has accepted him, that he can feel he belongs to.they do not judge him and he is happy being a part of it. He is also a dad to our our only grandchild.
    Our younger son has many mental issues too, mainly depression and a drug problem from pain meds he needed during crohns surgeries. that became so bad he was in rehab and still is. He too found a church that accepts him for who he is and does not judge things that he has done in the past, they provide a place to share and the minister has become his only frined. For this I will be forever grateful to God.


  2. I can relate in so many ways to this post, as well. God is good, but it’s hard to not “take up” things that are better left in God’s hands. There is often not a clear way through to a person in this situation; they often don’t think they need help. THEY are o.k.-and it’s everyone else that isn’t telling them “the truth”. I pray everyday for the person whom I love that is going through this that God restores what was lost-their mind- to them, but I know as well that it could be heaven before they see clearly again. What I do know is that not judging that person as just “needing to get right with God” is so important, as the issues they have go way beyond that and are not easily solved. (just something that I’ve observed Christians falling into as a way to explain mental illness-I’m not implying you are doing this!) You can’t talk “sense” with someone to whom nothing “makes sense”. Mental illness, as I have experienced it in my family, is much like a physical ailment that perplexes doctors. They only know so much about the mind and the human body, and we know even less. Thank God HE is the Great Physician and Healer and knows all things! I’ll pray for your loved one as I pray for mine.


    • Mike, I should have figured you were on first name basis with this from the great insight in your last book. Mike, you are so right. No amount of logical explanation can convince someone their thinking is faulty or delusional. There is an answer to discredit every logical statement they are given. We will probably very soon again face some major decisions because the dark hole is getting deeper and darker. Some one recently affirmed to my daughter something I already knew, but it was good to hear again. “Our heavenly Father walks beside your brother every step he takes….and He will be with him until he has finished this race we call life….whether God chooses to heal him now or in our eternal Home~Heaven.” This is so very true, Mike and Pat, for your loved ones, too.


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