30 Days of Faith: Day 17

I want to share about a promise that God gave me back in 1987 that took ten years to see fulfilled.

I was married to my first husband, a nonbeliever, who had a very bad temper. One day on his job he lost his temper, called me at work, and gave me the ultimatum of my marriage or my job. At that time I was working at Strang Communications-–working as a secretary in the magazine and book division.

I called my pastor in tears because I knew God had given me this job during the time my husband and I were separated. We had since then reunited. After prayer and counsel with my pastor, I honored my husband and submitted my resignation that day.

The moment I handed in my resignation, I heard these words in my spirit: “You will be back.”

Once I got home, my husband had calmed down and retracted what he had said, but I told him that I knew he preferred me to not work outside the home and to stay home with our three children, which I did (and I had a blast doing so and being part of their lives in school, etc.).

Bottom line, years later we still ended up divorced, and I remarried in 1995.

I had forgotten about that promise–-”You will be back”–-but in the process of job hunting in the years after 1995, I started freelancing with the book division of Strang. This I did up to November 1997 when I got a call offering me a copyediting position in the book group. I started December 8, 1997, and these have been the best 14 years of my working life.

God honored my obedience in my submission (there it is-–that “bad” word) to my husband even though he wasn’t a Christian, and He brought me back to a job I loved, but with more responsibilities and doing what He has gifted me with.

There is so much more I could share, but I chose this story because of the time between the promise and the fulfillment. And the fact that I had “forgotten” what God had promised, but He still brought it to pass.

Deb Moss


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Amazing Testimony!!!! It’s amazing what God will do if we just listen and obey! It’s not always easy but God will do something amazing if you do!!


  2. It’s true that God honors submission even to ungodly leadership. He is sovereign and always keeps His promises to us. God bless you Deb! Thanks for sharing your journey – because while that was short and sweet – I’m sure there were many tears and years of pain, heartache and fear that accompanied your decision to be obedient.


  3. Zoe and Susan, thanks so much for your comments and encouragement! God is so faithful, and the 14+ years I have been back here have been the greatest of my working career!


  4. WOW! Thank you for sharing this! And I am GLAD GLAD GLAD that God brought you back so that I have the joy of working with you!!


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