30 Days of Faith: Day 19

Jesus has been at my side throughout many, many storms of life.  His hand of protection has shielded me and my family several times.

As an early Christian, I worked at my uncle’s paint factory. I didn’t have much wisdom in sharing about Jesus, but I surely had a lot of zeal!  I was speaking with one of my fellow factory workers, and he stated that God doesn’t do miracles anymore.  I said that I would pray that Jesus would show him a miracle to prove that he does.

Be careful what you pray for!

Within a couple of days, this same factory worker came up beside me on his forklift, loaded with a large pallet of 1-quart paint cans for us to fill. I asked him for some directions on which part of the assembly line he wanted me to work. After finishing his instructions, he started to drive away. I immediately screamed in pain; he stopped the forklift, asking me what was wrong. He had driven over the top of my foot and the lift was setting on it.

Through clenched teeth I asked him to “Get off of my foot!”

I drove myself to the hospital; they did a thorough examination, including x-rays. There was not a cut or a scrape or any broken bones.

When I came back to work the next day, I told him to come into the break-room so that I could show him my foot. Several workers gathered around, wanting to look, but afraid to look at my foot at the same time. I removed my shoe and sock and low and behold only a tiny blood blister on one toe!

I then looked him square in the eye and told him that he now had his proof that Jesus does indeed still do miracles.

Shortly after we became engaged, my husband and I had the opportunity to go with a church group on a missions trip to a tiny little village in Mexico.  Only a few people had indoor plumbing; if they did, they usually had an outhouse too.

One of the miracles that stands out in my mind was the supernatural multiplication of our lemonade. The word had gone out

How much for a glass of lemonade?
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amongst the villagers that there was to be a big party outside the orphanage. There were about 120 people gathered and the temperature was well over a 100 degrees.

The orphanage was surrounded by a lemon grove and the owner had told them that they could have any lemons that hung over onto their property. Prior to the party we made lemonade from a dozen lemons; I think it made about 4 gallons (two two-gallon coolers). We saw how many people were there and how hot everyone was getting. We prayed and asked Jesus to multiply the lemonade, like he multiplied the loaves and the fishes for the disciples. He did!

That 4 gallons of lemonade quenched the thirst of all of those people, plus that night at dinner the 15 of us each had a large glass at dinner.

In 2002, my husband fell down the stairs at home, fracturing his neck between the first and second vertebrate. He was put into a neck brace and sent home. He was scheduled for surgery at the end of November, which was then rescheduled for December 3.

Prior to sending him home, the halo brace that he was put into was tightened. He immediately felt enormous pain in his neck that was unbearable. He was sent home anyway.

When he went back for his followup; the doctor did an x-ray and saw that the fusion that had been performed had become undone and would need to be repaired.

On December 18 he had to go back under the knife a second time to repair the fusion. Both times he was under anesthesia over 15 hours.

On December 23, I had gone to see him and he was literally green. I was sure that he was going to die and that I would be a widow left with 3 small children to care for.  I stopped in the chapel on the way out of the hospital and prayed for my husband. Then crying and praying all the way home. I sent out emails to everyone I knew; called everyone I could, beseeching prayer for my husband. Joyfully, Jesus spared my husband and his recovery, while still extremely slow, was becoming apparent.

At that time we were involved with a newsletter mailing to inmates in Danville.  Naturally, we hadn’t yet put out the December newsletter due to everything happening in the family. A few days later, we received an amazing letter from one of the inmates who was a wonderful brother in Christ.  He said that he had been praying for us and he felt that there was a battle going on for my husband’s life. He stayed up all night on December 23, praying for him. He felt a release to go to sleep on the morning of December 24th knowing that all was well.

He sent us the letter a couple of days later.

Talk about Jesus moving the hands of his prayer warriors!   Throughout all of our struggles, illnesses, etc. our faith in Jesus has remained strong; true to his Word, He has never left us, nor forsaken us. He has always walked alongside us; carrying us when needed and strengthening us for each day.

Peggy Burnap


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