30 Days of Faith: Day 29

As a mom, I get tired of reassuring my children the same things over and over again. My “yes” is never just a “yes” until it’s confirmed at least three times. I often get frustrated with my children’s lack of faith in my word. But then I remember that I too do the same thing with God.

Why is it that in times of trouble I shout to God for a miracle? Why do I ask him to show me a sign, proof  that he loves me, over and over again when he’s already done that through the sacrifice of his son? And just like I continue to reassure my children, God does the same thing for me in practical ways that assure me of his love, even when he shouldn’t have to.

I remember the morning I had missed breakfast running late for my teaching job at my children’s school. After my first class I thought I’d grab a granola bar in the snack machine, but I was five cents short. So I went to the teacher’s lounge praying there was something healthy to eat, knowing that in our small school there weren’t many days snacks were available and if they were, they were never healthy.

But I walk in and saw a basket of Clementines. (Insert BIG smile) How more practical could God have gotten for me that day?

Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

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Fast forward an hour later and I ran next door to the convenience store to grab lunch (since I didn’t have time to pack one.) While there I decided to surprise my big kids with a slushie since they were at lunch, and I grabbed a package of donuts for my youngest one. I knew this would be a huge treat for them because I avoid giving all my kids sugar at school, but I wanted them to be surprised and bless them unexpectedly.

My big boys were very surprised at the slushies, but my little ones were still in class. That is until my 9 year-old runs into the lounge frantic and says, “Mom, did you remember the cookies for the party in class today?” Nooo, I didn’t remember because every time my son reminded me we were in the car driving somewhere. But I had bought those donuts and there were only six kids in the class! The exact number of donuts. How cool was that? God provided even before I had a need!

I could list off a couple more instances of God’s practical love, maybe even more if I really thought about it. Like twenty years ago when I was working the late shift at a residential treatment center and was exhausted driving home. All I wanted was to find a parking spot in front of my apartment and go to bed. It was past midnight and I never found a spot near my apartment that late. But I prayed, really hoping God would show me his love, confirm that I was indeed important to him in this little way. And he did! Right in front of my apartment was an open spot.

I don’t know why we have this need for reassurance for God’s love, but we do. I don’t think God gives it to us every time we ask, but I do believe, when we need it most, if we just open our eyes and look around, we’ll see examples of God’s practical love!

How has God shown practical love to you?

Gina Conroy


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  1. this v.e.r.y. thing has been on my heart. thanks so much for sharing how He has underlined His love for you in the everyday ordinary details of your life. i love that about Him. 🙂

    in the last year especially, while i have experienced His practical love in so many ways, i’ve also found myself being reminded of the lyrics sung by the group “down here.” and that is, “…i love you cannot be said a better way.”

    there are times of difficulty where the only “i love you” that i can see is the one that “cannot be said a better way.” The Cross. and yet it is there, in that shadow, that i am enabled to see more clearly, just what you shared so meaningfully, more examples of God’s practical love for me…us. i believe that He not only understands our need for reassurance, but that He delights in revealing it to us as well.

    sweet blessings to you. and again, thank you.


    • How wonderful that God used my post, a lesson he was teaching me, to show YOU love in a practical way and THEN used your comment to bring his love back home to me! I think often times we look for the BIG answers to prayer. I was just talking to a friend the other day about this how our big prayers are never answered. I encouraged her to look for the little reassurances that she’s not been forgotten. She was skeptical, until the very next day when God showed his love for her in such a personal way only she would understand. God renewed her faith and gave her the little burst of hope to keep on walking! These little bursts are everywhere if we just seek them out!


  2. Gina I adore you. Your comment “when God shows His love for ME in such a personal way, only I can understand it.” Before my Mom passed, she would write. I have books of thoughts, prayers etc that she left for me. I would really like to have you to look over them and maybe we can put something together. You’re the greatest 🙂


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