30 Days of Faith: Day 30

For two years, my husband and I counted on a specific job he would go to once his current assignment ended in August of 2011. But in July of 2011, he learned that job was no longer open. For the first time since he entered the work force fifteen years earlier, he faced unemployment. And what could be a worse time than the current employment situation, his career being one of the worst for finding jobs, and a number of other factors. In addition, the lease on our house ended and we had to move. Yet I, the consummate worrier, wasn’t worried.

This has to be a first. He faced the possibility of losing his job once before, but it came to nothing, and all was secure. He didn’t work for a year and a half of law school, but, again, we had savings and other income, so we were fine. This time my writing alone was supporting us without a home, without job prospects, without family able to take us in. And still I wasn’t worried.

We packed up the house and put everything into storage that wouldn’t fit into the SUV, and drove back to Virginia. We didn’t know where we were going or on what we would live, and we knew God would care for us.

And He did. My royalty check was much higher than I anticipated. We found places to live. My husband got many more job interviews than we expected.

And at the end of October, he received an offer for a great job that took us back across country.

And then I worried.

Yes, we had to go so quickly we flew instead of driving. We needed to find a place to live. We didn’t know anyone in this new city hundreds of miles from anyone we did know.

And, again, despite my fretting, God came through with gentle reminders that He has it all under control. He brought people to us, friends of friends. He found us housing. He found someone who needed transportation in our direction who could drive our SUV for us.

This just skims the surface of God’s faithfulness to us through these past three months. Much of it I’m not free to share, as it’s too personal, and suffice it to say that we are not in debt despite all of these travels, moves, living in hotels, and flying to job interviews from California to Virginia. God provided.

Always, I’ve known worrying is wrong. God promises to take care of us. He has shown me how true that is. Though worrying is a habit difficult for me to break, I can say that I do it far less than I used to.

Laurie Alice Eakes


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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