Ask Frank Blog Tour (Frank Peretti’s ILLUSION)

Back in 1986, as a 14-year-old I read a book called This Present Darkness by some guy named Frank Peretti. I knew nothing of Frank, not much of Christian fiction, and wasn’t really into suspense at the time.  As it did most readers, the book captivated my imagination. It was the first contemporary novel I read that I felt I couldn’t put down. Then came Piercing the Darkness, Prophet, The Oath, and The Visitation and I was a sold-out Peretti fan. A few years later came Monster and I wanted to move to the north country of Idaho. Now, after seven years, comes Illusion, another soul-stirring story of love and mystery.

Almost ten years ago, when I decided to dive into the fiction writing pool myself I was given the advice to find an author I admire and who inspires me and read his or her work, not for the enjoyment of it, but to learn from it.

I turned to Frank Peretti.

Now, with six of my own books under my belt, I still look to Frank as the role model I need to press on and strive to improve my storytelling with each book. I’m honored to be able to take part in the “Ask Frank Blog Tour.”

I had the opportunity to ask Frank a few questions and below are his answers.

1. Why did you choose to use magic and Illusion as a framework for this book?

I chose magic and illusion for two reasons:

Obviously, magic would be interesting and highly visual, and would also afford plenty of opportunity for mystery.

Secondly, Mandy’s sudden, unexplainable ability to create and perform such mysterious effects works right into the whole interdimensional, time bending element, the“sci-fi bad guy” intrigue of the story.

2. What interests do you have outside of writing?

Music. I have played the 5 string banjo for over 20 years and now I’m seriously studying the guitar. I lead worship at my local church which means I lead a worship band including musicians and singers. That’s a lot of fun, and always a creative challenge. It’s also a marvelous environment for learning how to work with people. I love flying and still have a current pilot’s license, but alas, flying is getting too expensive and I don’t do much of it anymore. I also love motion pictures and I’ve done some video production, but I guess that’s going to remain at the level of a hobby. Well, okay.

3. What is the main idea you want people to take home after they read your books?

I’ll go ahead and sound religious: I would like to create stories that glorify God and the things He has created, in this case, steadfast love, devotion, the joy of having someone. I would like to convey truth, celebrate beauty, warn against evil, admonish and ennoble.

4. What authors do you like to read?

Any author I can learn from.  I keep my eyes open for the good stuff that comes along. Francis Schaeffer, Ravi Zacharias, and CS Lewis have been strong influences in my intellectual life. Michael Crichton  has been a favorite author of mine because of the way he can put together a technothriller. He’s always been a really great model for structuring a story. Besides these, I like to read other fiction authors to learn from them, to see how they craft their stories, develop their style, and work with words. You never stop learning, growing, getting better at what you do.

5. Which book that you have written has been the most influential for you personally?

Well, I guess I would speak in the present tense and in terms of where my heart is right now and say Illusion. I’m 61 years of age, I was writing this book just as I was turning 60, and at that time I was reflecting on my life and my love relationship of 40 years with Barbara Jean. Like any artist, I was trying to convey something from my heart, trying to paint with words some very deep feelings and reflections. Writing Illusion deepened all the more my love for my wife and illuminated all that our marriage and our love has meant.

Here’s what you can do:

Visit the Ask Frank landing page and check out the other blogs participating. There’s a wide array of bloggers.

Check out the book on Frank’s site and order a copy today.

To celebrate this latest offering from a true mentor of mine, I’m offering an advanced reader’s copy of Illusion. Just leave a comment on this post about anything Peretti-related or anything at all and you’ll be entered into the drawing. The winner will be announced Thursday morning.


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Annette Davidson

    I have always enjoyed Frank Peretti’s books. I was introduced to his books when a friend suggested he be my next have to read author many years ago. I would love to read Illusion! I am just now discovering Mike Dellosso’s books and have enjoyed the ones I have read thus far!


  2. Betsy Marriner

    Love Peretti’s books. Looking forward to this one. Great author!


  3. As a teen I LOVED reading Frank’s books. I wasn’t much of a reader but he kept my interest and it encouraged me in my life. Then I got to see him speak at I believe it was Creation Festival or Kingdom Bound. The place doesn’t really matter but what did is how when he spoke he made what he had to say very fun. As a teen at the time, that was very encouraging as I attempted to stand firm in my faith back at school and with friends. Now as an adult I still enjoy Frank’s books and remain challenged and encouraged by the stories. Most of all, I get to share great conversation about the books with my 2 sons now!
    Be Blessed!


  4. Peretti is great. Love his books. Looking forward to this one.


  5. Peretti is great. Loved “this present” books and I thought Monster was a great story.


  6. jonathanheather

    I have always loved Frank Peretti, his books are amazing. I am happy to hear that he is not finished writing, hopefully there are more books to come.


  7. Carolyn Jefferson

    I have not read a book from Frank Peretti, but would like to, sounds very interesting.


  8. I first discovered Frank Peretti books when I was a kid and my dad got me the Cooper Kids Series. I was in love! I read those books till they fell apart and when I got older I moved onto This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness and so on (though I still love the Cooper Series). I always loved reading, mainly, I believe, because I always saw my dad reading all the time. And the Cooper Kids Series pushed me into new worlds where fiction could take you. I’ve been hooked ever since.


  9. I’ll never forget the first Peretti book I read, This Present Darkness. It opened me to reading in general and to a whole genere that I never knew existed. I credit him, somewhat, for planting the seed which has blossomed into the reader that I am today.


  10. Love his books, would enjoy reading this one


  11. Mandy Schuchhardt

    I recently finished reading Illusion, and loved it! It would be awesome to win a copy to pass along to a friend.


  12. I first picked up Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness as a young teenager. Some twenty years later, I’m still recommending his books to young Christians to give them a visual look at the spirit realm. There are few authors who can paint a word picture so clearly that you feel you’ve been dropped right into the middle of the scene. If I were to win, I’d donate the book to my church’s library – after reading it, of course.


  13. Hi Mike – do not include me in the drawing, as I was the first blogger on the tour. I’m glad I stopped by to visit your site. I’ll have to ask my oldest son, who lives in the U.S. and is an avid reader and a Peretti fan, if he’s read any of your works. If not, I’ll send him a link to your site.


    • If he hasn’t read any, let me know and I’ll send him one 🙂


      • That is very kind! I sent him to your book page and his interest is highly peaked, as he has not read any. He thinks Scream looks like a good read, although he’ll be grateful and sure to enjoy any title you might send.

        Michael Hadinger
        4955 Porter Rd.
        North Olmsted, OH 44070

        Again – thank you so much! You’re going to make that MK’s day!


  14. Loved his book Monster! Can’t wait to read this one.


  15. Frank Peretti’s book, This Present Darknes, was the first Christian Fiction that I ever read. My brother, who was a pastor, gave it to me as a Christmas present. It’s still one of my top favorites. Been reading CF ever since.


  16. It sounds like a very interesting book to introduce myself to his writing with.


  17. Back in 1989 friends kept suggesting I read “This Present Darkness.” I wasn’t into suspense novels, generally, but I started reading one chapter a night before I went to sleep. About Day 4 or so, I sat down with the one book and read the rest of it in one sitting.


  18. Like you, I have been reading Frank Peretti since I was a teen. The Oath and Monster are two of my favorites, but This Present Darkness will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first “Christian suspense” read. I have been looking forward to reading his new book. I am hoping to get it soon. Don’t enter me into this drawing! I am hoping that someone who has never read Frank Peritti will win and become a die hard fan like most of us!


  19. Always loved Peretti and cant wait for his new book to come out….Have you read the book “House” that Dekker and Peretti did together… I really enjoyed it.


  20. Peretti was the first Christian author I read. I soon read everything he wrote and then moved on to find other Christian authors that I also enjoyed, one being Mike Dellosso. Mike, I picked up your first book to read based on two things. First the summary on the back sounded interesting and two there are several Messiah grads in our family!


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