Get My Novella REARVIEW for $1.99!

Okay, so I’m part of this group of authors who wrote 7 novellas as part of a series. Each book contains one common thread, a mysterious character named Thomas Constant who shows up at the moment of someone’s death and offers them a strange gift: 7 more hours to live. They choose whether to go back in time and relive any 7 hours of their life or to continue living 7 more hours.

It’s quite an interesting concept and the books are all outstanding. The other authors involved are Rene Gutteridge, Ronie Kendig, Robin Parrish, Tom Pawlik, Travis Thrasher, and James Wilson.

The books will release in e-book format only at first. If you don’t have an e-reader, don’t panic. You can download the Kindle app to any PC or Mac and a variety of phones and tablets.

You can read about all the books here.

Tyndale, our publisher, is going to offer each book at a promotional price of $1.99, one book per week for 7 weeks. And my book, REARVIEW, is first. The books are available now on Amazon but I’m asking you to wait until Monday, May 14. REARVIEW will be $1.99 for the entire week and I’d like to flood the sellers with orders and really make a statement.

Go to the Amazon page now and check it out but please wait until the week of May 14 to order it. Then do the same for all the books. One a week will be offered for $1.99!

I’ll post a couple reminders as time gets closer . . .

In the meantime, please repost this, Twitter it, Facebook it, whatever to help get the word out. Thank you!


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Terri Conrad

    Sorry, already preordered all books from Christian Book Club and downloaded all of them yesterday. Starting your book tonight. God Bless


  2. That’s okay, Terri! Thanks for getting the books and for your support. Hope you enjoy all the stories.


  3. May 14!! Noted 🙂


  4. It’s me again. Finished Rearview last night. Loved it. Probably the best short story I’ve ever read. Loved the ending. Won’t give it away.
    Starting Ronie Kendigs tonight. I’ve read all her books. Good stuff.


  5. Yes, it’s me again. I have now read 5 of the seven books. you were right. So far I have been blown away by these stories. They are great. No. 5 that I read was by James Andrew Wilson. I had never heard of this author so I wasn’t in any hurry to read his book. Big mistake. No offense Mike, but so far it’s my favorite. I loved how he portrayed Thomas Constant and the twist in the book. He is a very good writer. If anyone sees this, please don’t miss this series. After I read every book I have to tell my husband all about it, whether he wants to listen or not. He works 80 hour weeks so he never gets a chance to read. I have 2 more to go so that’s 2 more nights.


    • Oh, Terri, no offense taken at all. James is a wonderful writer who I believe has a bright career ahead of him. You’ve never heard of him before because this is his first book. He’s the mastermind behind this whole project and the one who got all of us together. Very creative guy. Glad you’re enjoying the books. Please help spread the word about them. 🙂


  6. I don’t know if I am allowed to say this but since amazon has your book for 1.99 Christian Book Club has it for 1.59. Their price won’t be beat. If I wasn’t allowed to say this, I’m sorry. Read #6. It was as good as the others One more. I’m trying to tell as many people as I can to purchase these books.


    • Of course you’re allowed to say it! We just want to get our books out there, don’t care who the seller is 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word, Terri!


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